Hi-Fi(ve): Stylish Speakers

Home audio enthusiasts are celebrating the seamless integration of interior decor and sound. We share five design-led speakers for the home.

Five Tips: Styling A Vintage Industrial Scheme

An inviting interior is something to emulate. We share five tips for achieving a simple, yet modern take on vintage industrial style at home.

Five Hairpin Designs From Cult Furniture

We share five of our favourite hairpin designs from Cult Furniture that combine two popular trends: metals and mid-century details.

Five Concrete & Ceramic Pendants

The clever combination of contrasting materials ensures these ceramic pendants are a striking design feature in any interior.

Raw State: Live Edge Timber Design Trend

Hewn timber, bark and petrified wood are well suited to industrial spaces. These are the best designs in our neck of the woods.

Five School Inspired Kitchen Accessories

We went to the drawing board for further classroom classics and chalked up the best ways to channel a school-inspired scheme.

Off The Wall: WOW Factor Wallpaper

“Whatever you have in your rooms, think first of the walls for they are that which makes your house and home.” - William Morris

Five Contemporary Concrete Designs

Whether polished to a smooth finish or etched with delicate details we've confirmed there's a concrete trend forming in interiors.

Bedroom Inspiration For Warehouse Homes

Soft and romantic or sleek and modern, select bedroom furniture and accessories to enhance your space.

Drip Designs & Splatter Patterns

Drip designs and splatter patterns are the perfect style statement for a colourful modern home or warehouse conversion.

With The (Wood) Grain

Ceramics, textiles, papers and furnishings are transformed with vibrant wood grain patterns, introducing a Pop Art edge to interiors.

Five Ways With Floor Tiles For The Home

Warehouse Home rounds up 5 different ways to update kitchens and bathrooms with inspiration from Tile Monkey.

Faded Gloriously: Ombré Walls & Floors

On flooring and walls, colourful gradients are effective in evoking summer sunsets. A graduated dyed look is one to dip into.

Five Vintage Style Wall Charts

Whether you live in an industrial conversion or want to channel that aesthetic, original prints and wall charts can transform an interior.

Five Corrugated Vessels & Canisters

Reimagined in china and metal, these corrugated vessels inspired by metal canisters make ideal finishing touches for industrial schemes.

Five Iridescent Homeware Designs

Used sparingly, iridescent homewares are a glamorous counterpoint to industrial design. We share five shining examples.

Five Vintage & Industrial Wall Murals

If space, or creative courage, is limited, a vintage look is achievable with carefully chosen photorealistic wall murals.

Five Of The Best Interior Design Books

Design inspiration for the new year? We've got you covered with five of the best interior design and architecture books.

Five Luxe Industrial Dining Schemes

Freestanding and modular furniture designs are ideal for kitchen and dining spaces, offering maximum flexibility for a modern home.

Five Marble Designs With Colour

Whether real or faux, the pretty patterns and pastel tones of marble are an ideal way to soften industrial interior schemes this summer.

Five Ways With Walls From Surface View

Detailed and distinctive wallpapers make showstopping backdrops. Revive or transform an entire room with murals from Surface View.

Simple Scandi: Mapping Iconic Design

Scandinavia has earned a global reputation for its distinctive interiors style. We celebrate iconic pieces leading this famous design tradition.