Blog/Living Organisms: Algae Inspired Designs

There are nine individual designs in the Craigend collection by Timorous Beasties. Coast & Shale (shown above) takes an aerial view of the coastline, blue water, and algae. To view the full collection, visit Brintons


The Craigend collection is the third collaboration between Scottish design duo Timorous Beasties and leading carpet makers Brintons. The range was named after Craigend Place in Glasgow, where the Timorous Beasties studio is located, but also evokes the old Gaelic word 'craeg', which means rock.

The patterns were inspired by the surfaces and textures found on the ground, reimagining lichen and mosses that grow on stone and algae observed on rocky coastlines.

The brutal beauty of the natural world, combined with inspiration from craft techniques and materials, including paint, ink, fabric, is captured in Brintons' distinctive carpet blend of 80% wool and 20% nylon. Stone Moss & Moss in Malachite emulates 'the pathways formed by self-contained miniature eco-systems observed growing under foot" says Paul Simmons, Timorous Beasties. Each carpet is just as pleasing to the eye as it is to the touch.

Coast & Shale and Stone Moss & Moss in Malachite (detail), price upon request, Brintons



The simple joy of gathering at the table with family or friends is further enhanced through the use of beautiful chinaware. The designs shown below use clever glazing techniques and pastel to recreate the patterns found in nature. The Havskum plate by Anette Krogstad was inspired by foam on the ocean. Studio Oddness Bubblegraphy vases have air bubbles blown carefully but directly into the glaze.

Bubblegraphy collection, from €23, Studio Odness; Milchwiese collection, price upon request, Birgit Severin; Havskum plate, from €50, Anette Krogstad