The Foraged Home by Oliver Maclennan

The Foraged Home is full of examples of how to create a beautiful home by salvaging discarded objects to provide decorating solutions.

Natural Living Style by Selina Lake

Natural Living Style is full of inspiration for creating a beautiful and stylish home that is as natural, organic and sustainable as possible.

Brick by William Hall

An exploration of the most surprising and inspiring architecture created from the world's oldest manmade building material.

Reclaiming Style by Maria Speake & Adam Hills

Reclaiming Style is written by the founders of Retrouvius and explains how you can create an elegant home using salvaged materials.

Made of Wood by Mark & Sally Bailey

Exploring how wood in your home can help you feel closer to nature and to appreciate the skills associated with everyday craftsmanship.

Extraordinary Interiors

Through an inspiring collection of homes, Extraordinary Interiors shares tips on how to achieve a surprising interior.

Five Recommended Design Reads

The success of the Warehouse Home book suggests this new way of living is ever more popular. But don't just take our word for it.

Introducing The Warehouse Home Book

Industrial inspiration for modern living; we unveil the debut Warehouse Home book published by Thames & Hudson.