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Natural Living Style book by Selina Lake

Often said to be the heart of the home, the kitchen is at the centre of conscious decision making when it comes to plastic free choices. Photography by Rachel Whiting.


Selina Lake is a successful stylist and author and her latest book, Natural Living Style, is full of inspiration for creating a beautiful and stylish home that is as natural, organic and sustainable as possible. 

Natural Living Style by Selina Lake Book Cover

Natural Living Style is a practical guide to creating a home that is sustainable and eco-friendly, but that also looks good. Photography by Rachel Whiting.


Concerns for our planet, the threat of an environmental crisis and the dangerous effects of climate change have captured the global consciousness. Children all over the world are regularly taking to the streets imploring the political elite to act now to try to reverse the damage that has been done and save their future.

Stylist and author Selina Lake has put together this book, Natural Living Style, for everyone who, like her, has a growing concern for the environment and wants a home that is sustainable and eco-friendly, but at the same time aesthetically pleasing and practical.

Selina's own desires to live in a way that is kinder to the planet, cut back on waste and reduce her consumption of plastic prompted her to share her ideas, advice and tips in this beautiful hardback book full of delightful images. The book takes you on a journey through gorgeous organic gardens, eco-retreats and unique homes in the hunt for the best Natural Living ideas.

The book is divided into four clear and concise chapters all designed to help you approach your home environment in a different way. The first chapter is called Natural Inspirations and this is where Selina examines various ways to live a greener life. She talks about choosing items for your home that are made to last, shopping locally, opting for homemade items over shop bought, taking time to decorate and choosing materials wisely.

In chapter 2, we are guided through the various materials that can be chosen for a natural home. The recommendation is to choose furnishing items made from sustainable, ethically made and environmentally benign materials that put less strain on the planet. This chapter also looks at ways to reuse and recycle to save money and avoid sending excessive amounts to landfill.

Chapter 3 takes a closer look at the individual rooms in the home and is peppered with style tips, advice on going plastic free and zero waste techniques.

The final chapter looks at natural outdoor spaces and Selina discusses green gardening, outdoor seating areas and growing your own fruit, veg and flowers.

Natural Living Style is published by Ryland Peters & Small, £19.99, available here.

Photography by Rachel Whiting.