Blog/Leading Lights : Five Linear Lights

Frama Eiffel Pendant hung above Frame lower kithen units in Stockholm Studio Store

The Eiffel pendant light by Frama hung above the Frama Studio kitchen.


We take a look at one of the key lighting trends for 2019 and select Five of the Best options on the market to get this look.

Frama Eiffel Pendant reflected in mirron in Frama Studio Apartment Mexico

The Eiffel pendant light by Frama reflected in a floor standing mirror.


Lighting is an extremely important aspect of interior design and getting it right can make or break an interior design scheme. There are a number of interesting lighting design trends that have appeared this year, but the one that has stood out most for us is the trend for linear lights.

We’ve noticed that linear lights are becoming increasingly popular in modern architecture and we’ve been drawn to the simplicity and clean lines that these designs offer. They seem to work particularly well in contemporary and industrial-style interiors and their beautiful, streamlined aesthetic provides an understated style statement.

This trend for linear designs encompasses both wall lights and pendant lights, but it was the pendant lights that really caught our eye. The landscape-oriented pendant style in particular allows the light to span more expansive widths and provides a clean and even light source over any surfaces below.

Below is our round-up of five minimalist yet striking linear lights.

Frama is a Danish design brand headquartered in Copenhagen. The studio operates in various creative fields and directions from Furniture, Lighting, Apothecary, Books, Apparel and Kitchens. The Eiffel Light by Frama comes in a wall light option or a pendant option. It has been designed with simplicity in mind. The light is being diffused thanks to the blown opal glass and the construction rod is made from gun blued steel and it reflects the light softly.

Australian design studio Articolo has explored ‘the art of light’ through handcrafted artisanal lighting pieces since 2012. Scandal is a collection of pendant lights and wall sconces that casts a slim and finely considered silhouette. Scandal’s elongated proportions are capped end-to-end by rounded glass that conceals the light source. Both versions feature a barrel-like cuff that is inlaid with brass mesh or latte leather.

Juniper is a fully-integrated design and manufacturing studio based in Brooklyn, New York. They specialise in upscale architectural lighting for homes, offices, and hospitality spaces worldwide. The Metropolis Suspension light forms part of their Bauhaus-inspired collection of architectural lighting. Resulting from a collaboration between Juniper and designer David Meckley, Metropolis features a unique cylindrical system that is engineered to independently dim top and bottom hemispheres. The wall-to-wall version spans the width of the room and adds a fresh feel to contemporary and industrial style interiors.

Articolo Scandal pendant light

Scandal is a collection of pendant lights and wall sconces by Australia design studio Articolo.


Juniper Metropolis lighting

The Metropolis Suspension light forms part of the Bauhaus-inspired collection of architectural lighting by Juniper.


A luxury lighting collection designed by 2LG Studio in collaboration with Cameron Design House, the ‘Capsule’ collection reimagines the classic strip light in a contemporary context. Designed to “make strip lights sexy”, the collection, which features Capsule Alas, Capsule Keski and Capsule Saldo, brings an ultra-modern edge to period architecture. T

Capsule collection of lighting by 2LG Studio in collaboration with Cameron Design House

The 'Capsule Alas' pendant from the 'Capsule' collection is a collaboration between innovative design duo 2LG and Cameron Design House.


The Coax pendant light by Roll & Hill beautifully and seamlessly merges metal, glass, and light. The materials hang serenely, appearing weightless against each other as the transparent glass surrounds a tube of light suspended in air.

Coax Pendant light by Roll & Hill

The Coax pendant light from Roll & Hill is designed by John Hogan and is available in a polished brass or polished nickel finish.