Blog/Five Vintage Style Wall Charts

vintage industrial style wall charts and prints from erstwhile

Birds print, 70cm x 120cm, £275, Erstwhile


Whether you live in an industrial conversion or simply want to channel a heritage aesthetic, original wall murals can be an impressive way to transform a space without renovating. From brick walls to entire roomscapes, the latest photorealistic designs can transport you to a different time and place. But if space, or creative courage, is a little more limited, a vintage look is just as readily achievable with carefully chosen prints and charts. Here we share five of our favourites. You’ll want to save these papers.

(Above) A charming reproduction of plumage illustrations from the 5th edition of the “German Meyers Konversations Lexikon 1893–1897″ (Below) This stunning wallchart is from the National Maritime Museum collection for Surface View; A unique archive print of a 1912 American gears assembly patent; From The Ramones to Radiohead, a history of alternative and independent music is mapped out in the style of a circuit board blueprint; This exclusively licenced reproduction of the 1967 “Pictorial Production Map of New Zealand” captures the wear-and-tear of the original. The artwork is printed onto Airtex canvas, restoring its colours.


five of the best wall charts and prints in industrial style from surface view

Left to right: Telescopic Appearance of the Moon backlit wall chart, £190, Surface View; Gears Assembly patent, from $25, Industrial Prints


alternative love print by dorothy

Alternative Love blueprint; a history of alternative music, £35, Dorothy


vintage map of new zealand in industrial style from erstwhile

New Zealand map, 125cm x 90cm, AU$295, Erstwhile