Blog/Five Industrial Mesh Metal Storage Solutions

Mish-Mesh Tickety and Highwire metal storage units from Loaf

Highwire (left), Tickety (middle) and Mish-Mesh (right) metal storage units from Loaf.


Warehouse Home's new professional organisation expert, Vicky Silverthorn, shares her tips and advice for creating a well organised and clutter free home with industrial style storage solutions.

Vincent & Barn Rustic Mesh Storage Cupboard

Rustic Mesh Storage Cupboard from Vincent & Barn.


The Warehouse Home interior design studio offers a broad range of services, which now includes professional organisation. Our professional organisation services are run by industry expert Vicky Silverthorn who has spent almost a decade implementing streamlined and stylish systems for the home. From simple solutions for a study to complete overhauls for an entire house, Vicky will get your home in order.

Here, Vicky has selected five feature storage pieces in mesh metal and offers tips and advice on how to use them: 

1. Loaf - Mish-Mesh Shelves

The Mish Mesh shelving range from Loaf offers a storage solution for every space. I love the 3 x 4 cube mesh unit and would use it to display my favourite books and magazines. As with most stylish storage solutions, it should not be cluttered or over-filled.

2. Vincent & Barn - Rustic Mesh Storage Cupboard

This rustic mesh storage cupboard is a practical solution for an entrance or hallway, offering plenty of space for anything that usually gets dumped at the door; bags, laptops, shoes, children's toys. Make use of the label slots too and give each member of the family their own compartment - I suggest using a vintage style label maker for name tags.

3. Cox & Cox - Iron Mesh Cabinet

This is a perfect example of when mesh works brilliantly. Ideally, it should be used for not only practicality but style too. Your belongings should be ‘placed’ rather than ‘put’ in here because the contents are so visible from the outside. Light coloured objects work perfectly and when you use a cabinet like this, you have no choice but to be clutter free and organised.

Cox & Cox iron Mesh cabinet

The Cox & Cox iron mesh cabinet features a contemporary frame, two petite handles and a mesh front to each of the two doors.


4. Mayfly Vintage - Belgian Metal Storage Crates

These mesh crates work fantastically for a wide variety of more permanent storage items. If you’re dividing papers in an office, utensils in a pantry or displaying bottles and spices in the kitchen. You might like to add a liner in the bottom if the stored items might leak or spill.

5. Rose & Grey - 3 Tier Wire Shelves

I would use these shelves in the bathroom for crisp white, neatly folded or rolled face cloths and beauty products I use daily. But they would also serve as stylish open bedside storage. Never over fill these shelves or the look will be ruined.


I prefer my home to include just the right amount of furniture for the space that I have available and I deliberately choose storage designs that will limit how much "stuff" I accumulate. I would never buy additional storage to house excess belongings. Instead, I would declutter and reduce what I have to ensure my home is continuously streamlined and well styled.

You can find more industrial style storage solutions in the Warehouse Home Shop.

Mayfly Vintage Belgium Metal Storage Crates

The thick gauge metal mesh used to create these vintage Belgian Metal Storage Crates from Mayfly Vintage makes them extremely solid.


The three-tier wire shelves from Rose & Grey.

The three-tier wire shelves from Rose & Grey consist of three separate shelves that stack neatly on top of each other or can be used separately.