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Aplomb pendant by Foscarini, £546, Warehouse Home 



Over the coming weeks and months well be making more and more of the products that you see featured on the pages of Warehouse Home available for purchase right here on To celebrate the launch of our curated lighting selection, we're sharing five expert tips on specifying lighting for any room, in any home and previewing a selection of our favourite iconic industrial lighting designs now available to buy.

When specifying lighting for the home, layering is key. A successful interior scheme will see light placed exactly where needed. But to ensure your practical proposal is also appealing, you should also consider balance.

1. Determine the focal point. This is where you should concentrate the brightest layer of light. Use this as an opportunity to play with scale and highlight the unusual proportions common of industrial buildings to create a real wow factor.  

2. Next, add a layer of directional task lighting. Consider the tasks you complete daily and use them as a guide for placing what light is needed where. To further enhance your scheme, select pieces with strong but complementary details, like the Flying Scotsman in Pink Floral by Aditi Studios (above).

3. Use the final layer of light to fill the background. Select unique floor and wall lamps from our selection of leading brands in varying colours and finishes. 

4. When selecting lighting, remember to keep colour and texture front of mind. Contrasting materials such as ceramic and concrete always make for a striking design feature. But why not try metal for a more overt industrial look

5. Playful pendants are a powerful way of introducing personality to an interior scheme. For a pop of vintage colour we recommend Jielde. But for something a little different, the Silo pendant by Zero Interior offers a quirky play on the industrial trend, its form inspired by the silhouette of a grain silo.

We’re not surprised that lighting continues to be one of the most popular topics on our website. And we’re very proud to be stocking some of the most iconic industrial lighting designs for the home. To see our full collection click here.

From left: N°411 floor light in black by Lampe Gras, £451, Warehouse Home;  N°204 wall light in yellow by Lampe Gras, £240, Warehouse Home


we share five tips for styling lighting in the home featuring anglepoise

From left: Original 1227 mini ceramic pendant by Anglepoise, £95, Warehouse Home; Mini 1227 ceramic table lamp in white by Anglepoise, £120, Warehouse Home


From left: Augustin medium pendant by Jielde in burgundy and Vespa, £285 each, Warehouse Home


From left: Beaumont large pendant by Jielde in mustard and Mouse Grey, £360, Warehouse Home


From left: Silo pendant by Zero Interior in yellow and black, £189, Warehouse Home