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Twenty four inch elemental bath vanity with Terra console sink, six inch drawer and wood shelf, from $4,538


Achieve a strong industrial look in the bathroom by opting for designs based on exposed piping. Select frameworks combined with stone or marble for more luxurious results. If you are considering a bathroom renovation, ensure this trend is in the pipeline, embracing it throughout your scheme.

Founded in 1989, Stone Forest produce award-winning designs for the bathroom using stone, bronze, copper, iron and wood. Their elemental range of endlessly customisable freestanding vanity and storage units has aged brass and polished nickel uprights and industrial knurled fittings combined to superb effect with shelving in Carrara marble or elegant antique grey limestone and drawers in wood. Whichever combination you commission, these units are traditional with a modern twist.

Elemental double vanity with two Ventus bath sinks, two wood shelves, a six inch and ten inch drawer and a stone shelf, from $8,730


Elemental storage set with stone shelf, six inch drawer, two ten inch drawers, wood shelf and stone shelf, from $5,212, and Terra vanity with storage and a Terra console sink, and ten inch bath drawers, from $4,583


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