Blog/Wheelie Good: Furniture on Castors

Metal table and shelving on castors from Graham & Green

Industrial style furniture on castors from Graham & Green.


Furniture on castors is a fantastic option for the home. It is convenient, practical and flexible and can help you to improve the functionality of small spaces. Here, we take a look at some of the best options available.

Melody Maison industrial black metal cabinet on castors

Black industrial style metal display cabinet on castors from Melody Maison.


Furniture on castors has become increasingly popular as industrial style interiors have grown in popularity. With a design inspired by the old trolleys found in 1940’s factories, these furniture pieces offer freedom and flexibility as you can move them around your space and place them exactly where they are needed.

Having the option to easily move the furniture around on wheels means you can configure your layout easily and quickly without the risk of damaging your floors. Balancing versatility and flexibility with functionality and modularity, these pieces are ideal for authentic converted industrial interiors or for interiors that are looking to emulate industrial style. 

Industrial style metal cabinets on castors are useful for storage when you want to keep your belongings hidden away. Whether that is a cabinet that houses shelving behind large metal doors or a cabinet that has drawers, both these options offer flexible storage solutions whilst adding industrial charm to your home. By choosing a cabinet with mesh metal panels in the doors you can neatly display any items that you may wish to draw attention to.

Coffee tables are the ideal furniture choice for castors. Being able to move a coffee table around a space is practical as it allows for ease of cleaning but also gives a space more flexibility. The options are endless from industrial storage trunks with cup handles to the resilience and urban appeal of metal industrial archive drawers.

Shelving units on wheels are extremely practical. Their bold metal frames, wooden shelves and mesh metal drawers are a definite nod to the industrial style. These mobile furniture items are perfect if you are looking to create a rustic, industrial or loft living styled room.

Trolleys are also a great addition to any home and their versatility is what makes so attractive. Whether it’s for use as a side table, a bar cart or a small bookcase or a bedside table, these useful little units are extremely adaptable.

A selection of 4 Industrial style metal cabinets on castors

1. Lori Metal Display Cabinet by Woood,  £449, Cuckooland; 2. Tall Industrial Iron Cabinet, £255, The Farthing; 3. Stuff Metal Cabinet by BePureHome, £285, Cuckooland; 4. Vintage Locker Style Storage Cabinet, £267.95, Melody Maison.


A selection of five industrial style coffee tables on castors

1. Humphrey Industrial Coffee Table, £279,; 2. Trunk Coffee Table, £675, Smithers of Stamford; 3. Galieni Fir and metal industrial coffee table on castors, £172.50, Maisons du Monde; 4. Archive Compact Coffee Table Black, £299,; 5. Irma Large Teak Wood Coffee Table, £575, Cuckooland.

A selection of four industrial style metal shelving units on castors

1. Troly Metal and Mango Wood Industrial-Style Shelf Unit on Castors, £540.50, Maisons du Monde; 2. Tall Rustic Industrial Trolley with Drawer Storage, £325.95, Melody Maison; 3. Industrial Storage Rack, £565, Vincent & Barn; 4. Industrial Galvanised Three Tier Storage Unit on Wheels, The Farthing.


A selection of 6 industrial style metal trolleys on castors

1. Bistro bar trolley in whitewash, Atkin & Thyme; 2. Dutchbone Mil Marble Top Drinks Trolley with Iron Frame, £419, Cuckooland; 3. Yellow Metal Bedside Table on Wheels, £87, Maisons du Monde; 4. Vintage Style Metal Trolley, £175, The Farthing; 5. Large Rustic Industrial Trolley with Shelves, £224.95, Melody Maison; 6. Lene Bjerre Depot Trolley, £325, Sweetpea & Willow.