Warehouse Home Issue Six

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Warehouse Home Issue Six, Published June 2017

"The excitement generated by the recent release of the debut Warehouse Home book has been enormously rewarding for everyone involved in its production. Its success proves once again that warehouse living and the distinct industrial aesthetic are universally popular. Meanwhile, the magazine’s global readership also continues to grow steadily.

And as you enjoy this latest issue of Warehouse Home, you join readers in over 100 countries worldwide drawing inspiration from our pages. More and more homeowners are seeking that distinctive New York style loft living look. And new investors realising our brand’s potential are enabling us to scale up Warehouse Home so that we can share our expertise even more widely.

We are delighted to announce the launch of a new Sourcing Service and that we will be running a unique event throughout London Design Festival, 16-24 September 2017. In Warehouse Home Issue Six we share tips on channelling the latest trends, from painterly patterns to eye-catching concrete and ceramic lighting designs.

Whether you’re reading Warehouse Home in Philadelphia or France, we hope you will take plenty of inspiration from its pages. And if you’ve missed any past issues, you can order them to your home via mywarehousehome.com/subscriptions as we can ship anywhere in the world. Visit mywarehousehome.com/book to purchase the Warehouse Home book."

- Sophie Bush (Founder & Editor, Warehouse Home)

Warehouse Home is a 40-page newspaper-style independent publication

27.5cm x 35cm

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