Warehouse Home Issue Seven

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Warehouse Home Issue Seven, Published November 2017

In Warehouse Home Issue Six we announced the launch of a new interior design and sourcing service. In Warehouse Home Issue Seven we are proud to unveil one of our most recently completed interiors projects for a leading property developer. Our interiors work with homeowners, designers and developers led us to devote a great deal of time to sourcing the finest paint colours and finishes for each scheme. If you’re channelling a New York loft look, this latest edition of Warehouse Home is filled with inspiration. Natural materials like horn and a new generation of imaginative tiles will add interesting textures to a space, while mirrored designs create a more industrial luxe effect. As our global readership continues to expand, it is only fitting that this issue also has a strong international influence, with Japanese inspired homeware and travel tips from Copenhagen. Wherever in the world you’re reading this latest issue, we hope you’ll enjoy it.

- Sophie Bush (Founder & Editor, Warehouse Home)

Warehouse Home is a 40-page newspaper-style independent publication

27.5cm x 35cm

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