Warehouse Home Issue One

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Warehouse Home Issue One, Published November 2014

"Three years ago, my husband and I bought our home in a Grade II listed warehouse in South East London. I remember the first time we caught sight of the enormous Victorian warehouse on the bank of the Thames. The sheer scale of it was so impressive. But on closer inspection it also revealed surprising and beautiful original details inside, remnants of its previous life. The building continues to have an effect on me, even now. And I am clearly not alone. Every day, I pass people pointing out the huge dormant cranes and water towers and obviously trying to imagine the former warehouse in its working heyday. I think most of us share a sense of fascination and pride for Britain’s rich industrial past, reflected in these historic buildings. On pages 4-5, Terence Conran recalls the transformative moment in 1981 when he first caught a glimpse of the derelict waterfront warehouses of Shad Thames. Since that day over 30 years ago, he has been instrumental in the restoration of many of London’s most iconic warehouses. These imposing industrial buildings have unmatchable character and a quality that leading property developer Tom Bloxham describes as “grit” (page 6). Whether you want to embrace a strong urban loft look with concrete and steel or prefer to complement the heritage features of your warehouse home with vintage originals, our publication aims to provide all the essential interiors inspiration you might need. From high street, to handcrafted and high-end, we have spent months sourcing unique designs and decorative ideas. I hope you enjoy this launch issue of Warehouse Home as much as we enjoyed putting it together for you."

- Sophie Bush (Founder & Editor, Warehouse Home)

Warehouse Home is a 40-page newspaper-style independent publication

27.5cm x 35cm

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