Blog/Styling A Contemporary Warehouse

interior living room scheme with cracked concrete wall mural and ochre yellow accents

We style a contemporary interior fitting for a factory that once pulsed with productivity. 


The juxtaposition of natural and manmade in these inviting spaces was inspired by the terracotta tones of the exposed brickwork and the richly coloured wooden floor. The handmade live-edge furniture and solid vessels with simple shapes demonstrate a quality of craftsmanship. Fitting for a former factory that once pulsed with productivity.

Styling by Hannah Franklin | Photography by Oliver Perrott

Vintage green sofa with yellow and green cushions and matt black pendant

A vintage green leather sofa is the starting point for an inviting scheme in ochre and mustard.


Living room and stair case with ochre yellow accents and industrial detail

The textural qualities of heritage features like brick and timber are best enhanced with an interiors schemes that use a variety of tactile materials.


Contemporary industrial home office scheme with exposed brick wall terrazzo and concrete

Finely crafted woods, treated leathers, raw steel and marble all complement the raw industrial features of a building.



“The sky over London was glorious, ochre and madder, as though a dozen tropic suns were simutaneously setting around the horizon” - Evelyn Waugh

Stylish bedroom in a converted warehouse with exposed brick wall and warehouse window

In this warehouse bedroom, we selected two iconic French designs, reflecting original features and the factory’s industrial heritage.


ochre yellow bedroom scheme in a converted warehouse

When paired with original warehouse windows or real brick, one or two statement pieces and a single hero colour can be highly effective.