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plywood chair by very good and proper

Canteen utility chair, Price upon request, Very Good & Proper


Plywood might look light as a feather, but make no mistake – this light-hued wood hides a distinctive strength and durability. Its warmth, texture, and sustainability have also made plywood a firm favourite with designers. Iconic plywood designs, such as Penguin Donkey, have been in production for 70 years. But while these classic plywood designs remain popular, several contemporary pieces also promise to become collectibles. For a playful take on ply this summer, we suggest picking creations with a fun pop of primary colour. But that said, au natural or with a colourful twist, there’s no question veneer will go far. 

five of the best plywood furniture designs and accessories

Left to right: Streamline original bookend, £18.95, WEAMO; Embrace in birch by John Green, £275, Amara; A Stool in white, from £89, ByAlex; SB01-2 bench with blue accent, £410, Baines&Fricker