Blog/USM Unveils New London Showroom

USM Showroom opens in Clerkenwell London displaying range of modular furniture

USM showroom opens in Clerkenwell, London displaying a range of modular furniture


USM, the renowned Swiss manufacturer of modular furniture, has recently opened the doors to its totally revamped London showroom. Located in Clerkenwell, the capital’s most popular design district, the new look showroom is a modern, natural and compelling space that has been designed to reflect the company’s beauty, versatility and history.

USM Showroom in Clerkenwell London showcases modular Swiss furniture

The modular storage furniture from USM is ideal for both office and residential environments.



The project was completed by architecture and interior design consultants BDG architecture + design, who have specified USM products for a number of their own projects. Their understanding of USM allowed them to create a showroom space that exudes design quality and timelessness.

The new showroom has been carefully configured to showcase the versatility of USM products which can be used in both residential spaces and workspaces or alternatively can be used to provide a seamless transition between the two.

Providing solutions for both residential and commercial spaces, USM has opted for a softer approach to the interior design, space planning and styling of the new showroom.

Ian Weddell, USM UK CEO comments: “The redesign of the showroom now takes you on a journey with defined areas that really showcase the creativity of USM. Blending between workspace design and residential, the versatility and creativity of USM really excels. Clever styling with touches like the typewriters, cameras and old vinyl create warmth and reference USM’s 50-year history. We couldn’t be more thrilled with space”.

Interior designers, architects and consumers are invited to visit the showroom to experience the product range in person. The sophisticated modular system can be made to work in any space by simply reconfiguring the modules to change the furniture’s shape. If you find yourself needing more storage for example, extra units can be added with the exact functionality that you require.

USM Showroom in Clerkenwell London features a range of modular storage furniture

The modular storage furniture from USM is the ideal choice for work spaces and office environments.


As a modular system, USM furniture is unmatched in its ability to be continuously remoulded to changing environments and needs. The Swiss manufacturing is synonymous with precision, quality and dependability meaning that USM products are designed to last. 

Wear-resistant materials, fine craftsmanship, durable designs, and timeless style all ensure that USM furniture lasts a lifetime. If however, you decide to change your décor, USM pieces can change with you by simply adding new modules or panels in one of the available accent colours.

If you are unable to get to Clerkenwell to experience the products firsthand, you can always go online and try the interactive 3D configurator which allows you to design your own custom storage and display furniture. You can experiment with different shapes and sizes, customisable features such as drawers and extendable display shelves, and any mixture of 14 USM colours.

USM Showroom in Clerkenwell London presents a variety of modular furniture

USM modular furniture can be configured to work in any space and is available in 14 colour options.


USM Showroom in Clerkenwell is a welcoming space showcasing modular furniture

USM modular furniture can be be configured to provide a seamless blending between workspace design and residential.