Blog/StoneCycling: A Different Brick In The Wall

Dutch firm StoneCycling recycle industrial to make sustainable bricks in a variety of sizes and colours.


Debris from construction is amongst the biggest source of waste in the world.



Exposed brick is a feature often admired in warehouse homes. If you're embarking on building work, consider innovative Dutch firm StoneCycling. They recycle industrial waste to hand- and machine make sustainable bricks in a variety of sizes and colours.

Recognising debris from construction and demolition as one of the biggest sources of waste globally, StoneCycling is committed to the thought that this too can also be a resource. 

Through the act of grinding, crushing and mixing these industrial waste products, founder Tom van Soest, has created a new material that is both resilient and appealing. WastedBasedBricks have been applied in the construction of buildings throughout Europe and featured prominently in the design of interiors such as Fosbury&Sons, a co-working space in Antwerp, Belgium.

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Process imagery by Dim Balsem

WastedBasedBricks, from €105 per sq m, StoneCycling


WastedBasedBricks feature prominently in the bar of Fosbury&Sons, a co-working space in Belgium.