Blog/Rock Stars: Granby Workshop

Smoked timber light pull and door furniture from Granby Workshop.

Granby Workshop is a community led programme making experimental handmade products for the home.


A social enterprise in Liverpool is spearheading a community-led drive to rebuild a derelict neighbourhood. Granby Workshop trains and employs local people to create unique products using the area’s demolition rubble. Crumbled brick, cement, sand and aggregate are combined to form Granby Rock, which is then cast in a variety of forms.

(Above and below) These handmade clay knobs and light pulls are wrapped in tin foil and then smoked on a barbeque for 12 hours. Hot stuff. 

Smoked timber door furniture from Granby Workshop.

Left to right: Light pull, £25; Assorted handles, £15, Granby Workshop


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