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exclusive homeware and interior designs made from recycled paper designs

Left to right: Shredded vase by Magie Hollingworth, £120; Shade 120 by Laura Nelson, £250; Quartz lamp by Maria Fiter, £100; Pulp bowl in wire nest by Magie Hollingworth, £85; Papier-mâché utensils by Magie Hollingworth, from £30 each; Angular vase and accessories tray by Dan Hoolahan, £60


turned newspaper and pulped paper stool made from warehouse home

Left to right: Processed paper table by Pia Wüstenberg, £275; Pulp stool by Paula Szwedkowicz, £295, Warehouse Home

At Warehouse Home, we are passionate about exceptional design and supporting talented designer-makers. We also feel strongly about recycling and sustainability. While a printed publication is at the heart of our business, it is published on 100% recycled paper stock. And we have devised a unique way of dealing with damaged or ‘waste’ copies.

This year, Identifying recycled paper and paper-based designs as a key interiors trend, we commissioned several talented designers to each rework further back issues of Warehouse Home magazine. This is our pick of the papers.

(Below) Scottish artist Alison Simpson specialises in paper-based design. She used damaged copies of Warehouse Home Issue Four to create this original frame for a circular mirror. Shredded magazines were combined with pulped cotton linters, a byproduct of the clothing industry, to give rigidity. The combined materials were then pressed firmly into a round mould before being left to dry out. The frame was covered with black Japanese Sumi ink and touches of gold leaf.

(Bottom) When Hannah Lobley accidentally left a book outside in the rain, the pages swelled with water and became unreadable. Yet the artist did not throw The Lord Of The Rings away. She was studying woodwork. Paper originates from wood. And Lobley realised that she could turn layered paper into a solid block that could be crafted and turned just like timber. “The results were at once incredible and pleasing,” she reflects, “wood becomes paper… becomes wood.” Lobley took ten damaged copies of Warehouse Home Issue Five and turned the block of paper on a lathe. This beautiful bowl with a delicate wood grain effect was the result.

Styling by Hannah Franklin | Photography by Oliver Perrott

Papier-mâché mirror with gold leaf finish made from recycled newspaper for warehouse home.

Damaged copies of Warehouse Home Issue Four to create this original frame for a circular mirror, £350, Warehouse Home


Turned newspaper bowl made from recycled newspaper for warehouse home.

Hannah Lobley took ten damaged copies of Warehouse Home and turned it on a lathe. This paper bowl was the result, £185, Warehouse Home


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