Blog/Lex Pott: A Tarnished Reputation

detail of shelves with patinated copper finish from lex pott

This stunning patina takes on the appearance of a dreamy midnight sky.


Dutch designer Lex Pott has extensively researched and experimented with materials to reveal the hidden colours and qualities. At his studio in an old shipyard on the fringe of Amsterdam, he has perfected designs based on contrasting oxidised and polished metals.

(Above and below) Oxidation reveals the innate properties of metals as colours. These shelving units contrast plain and treated metal components. (Below) To mark 80 years of the iconic A Chair, Lex Pott stripped the seat to a raw state. Commissioned by Tolix, the featured materials are oxidised copper, brass, steel and aluminium.

detail of copper shelves with verdigris from lex pott

When an element such as copper is found in nature it carries a natural green patina.


a pair of large storage solutions finished in patinated copper

A striking colour palette is created via a reaction with the base material, copper. True colour shelves, price upon request, Lex Pott


alteration for tolix iconic a chair with patinated copper finish

Oxidised metal surfaces create colours that provide information about a material. Alteration for Tolix, price upon request, Lex Pott