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Brogue collection in burgundy by bethan gray.

Stud leather coffee table in Wine leather with brass studs and feet, £3,240; Brogue leather dining table in Navy with Coral belting and Wine leather legs, brass studs and feet, £3,420; Brogue leather side table in Wine with Cor al belting, Navy leather legs, brass studs and feet, £1,740, all Bethan Gray


Embroidered leather trend brogue collection by bethan gray.

This trend merges cutting edge technology with traditional values.

Studded, stitched, folded and formed, swatches and swathes of leather define luxurious schemes. From natural tan to coloured skins, the beauty of this material is celebrated through expert craftsmanship and redefined with contemporary treatments. We hunt for the finest hides.


Stitched patterns enhance the tactile and opulent qualities of leather. The prevalence of this trend needs no embellishment.


Formed and folding over marble and metal frames, lengths of leather adopt a sensual sinuous appearance. The tone and tactile quality of natural tan complements dark-stained wood, brass and white marble alike.


The place for leather fastenings is secure. Buckles and bindings are influencing furniture design across the board, but there are particularly striking examples in seating. From smart, sophisticated styles to snug casual retreats and sturdy dining chairs, we select three seats with a strong strapline.

Embroidered leather cushions by AYTM

Motum quilted leather cushion in bordeaux and forest green, Coria leather cushion in navy, from 699DK each, AYTM


Folded leather trend poltrona frau via Aram Store.

Fred desk by Poltrona Frau, £5,399, Aram Store


folded leather trend leather magazine rack and office accessories.

Waves of Leather by Muller Van Severen for Petit h Hermes, for €24,500, Muller Van Severen; Saddle magazine rack, £750, Noble & Wood


Leather straps trend overgaard & dyrman chair.

Wire dining chair in satin chrome plated steel and Congac leather, €3,540, Overgaard & Dyrman


armchair and sofa with leather straps.

Chubby Chic armchair by Diesel Living with Moroso, £2,352, Do Shop; Clay leather and marbled rust sofa, $9,500, Stephen Kenn