Blog/ex.t : Combining Trends With Heritage

ex.t bathrooms featuring crittall style shower screen and the stand collection bath and washbasins

The iconic Stand collection is inspired by the modernist style of the 1920s or 1930s and features the spirit of Nordic design.


Ex.t is an Italian design brand with a mission to promote the bathroom as a dynamic living space that follows the rhythms of contemporary living.

ex.t Nouveau bathroom collection - washbasin with mirror above positioned next to a large window

The Nouveau collection is inspired by early 20th century Art Deco but with the sensitivity of a contemporary perspective.


The story of ex.t starts in 1945 with an Italian entrepreneur named Giulio Tanini. Since 2010, Tanini’s granddaughters, Ingrid and Azzurra, have been keeping the original spirit alive through ex.t, the latest evolution of the family history that has spanned three generations.

Since the company’s inception, that challenge has remained the same: “to promote an idea of the bathroom as a dynamic and stylish living space, transforming itself continuously along with your home.”

The product portfolio combines global design trends with a local craft heritage to create modular, versatile and functional bathroom furniture that really stands out from the crowd.

The company originated in Tuscany where its artisan roots were born, and Florence is the creative hub where Ex.t products are born. Working in collaboration with international designers and skilled Tuscan artisans the company continues the Made in Italy tradition.

The roster of acclaimed and emerging designers ensures that ex.t retains a fresh approach, using innovative techniques and refined materials. Designers who have worked with ex.t include Mut, Norm Architects, Note Design Studio, Samuel Wilkinson and Sebastian Herkner.

At Milan Design Week 2019 earlier this month, ex.t launched its Nouveau bathroom collection designed by Bernhardt & Vella. The collection features washbasins, cabinets, mirrors and accessories featuring geometric and sinuous lines inspired by circles, semi-circles and parallelepipeds.

Many of the pieces would look quite at home in a converted warehouse or loft style space. The mix of materials, touches of metal, and grid like structures all lend themselves to an industrial look, albeit a softer and more feminine take on that aesthetic.

ex.t bathrooms the Nouveau collection washbasin with mirror above hung on a wall of pink gloss tiles.

Left : The Nouveau collection features geometric and sinuous lines and is born from a balance of simple and basic shapes. | Right : Felt is a modular wall-mounted unit that is used to store small accessories or as a decorative element.  


“We’ve got a history of championing local artisans. Ex.t products are skilfully crafted in Tuscan laboratories where the latest generation of masters carry on the tradition of Made in Italy with an eye on innovative techniques and the most refined materials.”

ex.t bathrooms, the Nouveau collection of wasbasins wall hung with round mirror above

The Nouveau collection has a soft, feminine air about it, but is also contemporary and pragmatic.