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4023 Topus Concrete from Caesarstone's Metropolitan Collection features in this industrial chic kitchen

4023 Topus Concrete forms a stunning kitchen island in this industrial chic loft. The Metropolitan Collection, from £300 per sq m, Caesarstone


A detail image of 4033 Rugged Concrete from Caesarstone's Metropolitan Collection featuring kitchen accessories

4033 Rugged Concrete has the raw look of poured concrete.



Caesarstone’s Metropolitan Collection is comprised of nine industrial-inspired designs and is the first surfaces range to thoroughly investigate the unique styles of the highly popular industrial trend. Rough, rugged or gently weathered, each design contributes to a look that forms a part of the revival of modernism, a rethinking of brutalism and the rekindling of industrial architecture. In developing the collection, the Caesarstone design team explored shuttered concrete patterns as well as oxidized steel and poured plaster.

Surfaces within the Metropolitan Collection have been designed to look completely at home in authentic industrial style-spaces and loft apartments. The new colours are complementary against even the roughest of aesthetics; suitable to spaces featuring concrete floors, brick walls, exposed pipework and peeled paintwork – whether original or specifically styled in this way. ‘Rugged Concrete’ is exceptional in the flesh and, as a worksurface, will give a modern edge to an industrial apartment’s décor as it looks and feels just like real poured concrete. For something truly unique, ‘Excava’ embodies the geological decay of stone, rusted and weathered by time and nature.

Once traditionally associated with low-rent, urban loft-style living on one end of the scale, and architecturally impressive Grand Designs projects on the other, the industrial look is now one of the United Kingdom’s hottest design trends for the home. If you live in a loft then you are fortunate to already have the foundations of this look. Now enhance it further with a worktop that looks just like poured concrete for a real statement. Concrete is not necessarily for the faint-hearted, but it can be found in softer tones (like Cloudburst Concrete) and it’s easy to relax the look with colourful tableware, soft furnishings and eye-catching rugs. Think of different materials for taps and sinks like brass or matt black and combine with exposed bricks, bare pipework and subway tiles if you’re really going for it. Use concrete surfaces on floors, worktops, as splashbacks and or even wall cladding. And there are many ways to make this contemporary décor work for you if you live in a two up two down instead of a loft apartment. Complement modern concrete with reclaimed wood doors and furniture. Opt for high tech kitchen appliances, speakers and television, but write recipes and notes on chalkboards. Keep ingredients or cleaning materials in upcycled wooden pallets. The industrial look is all about contrast.


Caesarstone's 4033 Rugged Concrete quartz surfaces feature in the kitchen of an industrial home

Offsetting dark blue cabinets and warm timber accents, 4033 Rugged Concrete serves as a cool contrast in the kitchen of this industrial home.


During the development of the collection an enormous library of different surfaces and inspirational images was built up, including a watercolor painting of the moon and an image of a rusted saw blade. Each of the colours has its own unique design story and inspiration drawn from a mixture of nature and industrial architecture: 4046 Excava is inspired by the intriguing patinas of casting and oxidizing, combines the authentic features of rust and concrete. 4011 Cloudburst Concrete’s white shades offer a romantic interpretation of concrete. 4023 Topus Concrete’s blush undertone echoes the pastels that are impacting the interiors market today. 4044 Airy Concrete's light grey base illustrates the richness that minimalism can achieve. Terrazzo is revived as 4601 Frozen Terra with scattered and minimal decorative aspects. The billowing grey patina of 4033 Rugged Concrete perfectly captures the look of poured concrete. 4001 Fresh Concrete, 4003 Sleek Concrete, & 4004 Raw Concrete offer a less rugged look in three different grey tones to offer an ideal complement to any colourway.

Caesarstone leads trends, consistently pushing the boundaries of technology when it comes to worksurface colours and finishes. They're known in the industry for the strength and variety of their colours. To create the Metropolitan Collection, Caesarstone really had to go to lengths no other surface companies have gone to. It is via innovative cutting-edge technology exclusive to Caesarstone that these weathered and industrial patinas have been achieved in quartz surfaces for the very first time. This is a breakthrough that can be felt as well as seen. Whilst the surfaces in the collection may look and feel just like real concrete, they are in fact made from engineered-quartz which far outperforms concrete as surface material. Caesarstone quartz is highly durable, waterproof, hygienic, and stain and scratch-resistant.

A detail image of 4046 Excava from Caesarstone's Metropolitan Collection
4046 Excava recently featured in Warehouse Home Issue Eight.


4023 Topus Concrete from Caesarstone's Metropolitan Collection forms the kitchen counter surfaces in this loft kitchen

With its subtle pink hue, 4023 Topus Concrete creates a soft industrial look set against subway tiled walls and iconic warehouse style windows.