Blog/An Introduction To String Furniture

manufacturing process of string furniture storage system

In 1961 String was awarded a patent after taking numerous plagiarists to court.


Certain things are so strongly associated with an era that they become timeless. As one of the foremost design icons of the twentieth century, this is certainly true of the lightweight shelving system from String Furniture, first designed in 1949. The winning entry of Bonnier’s bookshelf competition calling for good yet affordable design, innovative, elegant and simple String shelves can be assembled and repositioned at various heights, depths, and widths. These are a few of our favourite combinations. 

Large warehouse window, exposed brick and low storage unit from String furniture

The design's elegant lines are the perfect contrast to raw, industrial spaces and warehouse homes.


string pocket storage system with corrugated steel finish

Celebrating 10 years of the String pocket, a stainless steel design is released.