Blog/Rustic Dining At Gul & Sepoy

inside the first floor dining room of indian restaurant gul and sepoy

The rustic doors and furniture of Gul & Sepoy are reflective of the cuisine found in the rural South of India.


exterior signage of indian restaurant gul & sepoy
The distressed exterior gives the restaurant an authentic feel.



Visitors to London's vibrant Spitalfields neighbourhood will find Gul & Sepoy - a rustic, paired back restaurant inspired by the royal courts of North India and serving contemporary cuisine referencing the rural fishing villages of the South.

The interior, designed by Red Deer, sees the architects draw on their international experience to create an interesting and eclectic space.

On entry, guests are greeted with a reclaimed 1920's shop counter. Paired with distressed bar stools it serves as the main bar. Textured concrete effect walls create a moody backdrop while vintage cast brass light fittings create an inviting atmosphere and relaxed dining area. On the first floor, elegant marble tables provide a touch of luxury, a testament to the ancient palaces of Northen India. Keeping true to its traditional values, Gul & Sepoy has a relaxed feel throughout. We urge you to visit and enjoy beautiful Indian cuisine in the creative heart of London.

ground floor dining room and bar of indian restaurant gul & sepoy by red deer architects

On the first floor guests are greeted with a reclaimed 1920's shop counter which serves as the main bar.