Blog/Philadelphia: WM Mulherin’s Sons

Exterior of WM Mulherin's & Sons; a converted whiskey factory in Philadelphia.

The attractive building on the corner of Front and Master Streets was originally constructed in 1890. Photography by Mathew Williams.


The birthplace of a nation is experiencing a renaissance as a top tourist destination. The first World Heritage City within the United States, Philadelphia boasts a rich history, a host of cultural sites and a new wave of beautifully conceived boutique hotels offering modern convenience and old-world charm. We find Philly fine.


A100-year-old whiskey blending and bottling facility lay abandoned for several years until its restoration began in 2014. When work was completed, the building that once belonged to Irish entrepreneur and whiskey baron William J Mulherin had become a unique new boutique property. The former distillery has four suites all with fully-equipped kitchens, custom-made furniture, vintage rugs and carefully selected artworks.


Guestroom of W.M. Mulherin's & Sons in mid century design.

Each spacious apartment has been individually designed.


Mid century interior of W.M. Mulherin's & Sons bar and restaurant.

Downstairs, a modern rustic Italian restaurant invites you to leave your stylish accommodation for pizza.


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