Blog/Warehouse Home Property: Dunbar Wharf

Step inside Dunbar Wharf, the epitome of warehouse living.


See how our interiors team has offset its historic features with some of our favourite modern designs.



Scottish brewer and wine merchant Duncan Dunbar settled in Limehouse in east London in the 1790s, establishing his alcohol venture in a Thames-side warehouse. Dunbar Wharf survives today, a taste of the past just a stone's throw from London's glistening financial district. 

This home is the epitome of warehouse living. Set over three storeys, it offers two very large living areas to the rear of the property with old warehouse doors opening onto a creek. It was from there that goods were once winched up into the building and an old pulley still remains as a testament to its past.

Other well-preserved features include enormous sliding metal doors and exposed brickwork and beams throughout. The three double bedrooms are located at the front of the property, overlooking the delightfully named Narrow Street.

This remarkable property is on the market with Warehouse Home. For more information and to arrange a viewing visit our property portfolio.

Styling by Hannah Franklin | Photography by Oliver Perrott

The remarkable property boasts original windows, exposed brickwork, and timber beams throughout.


Vintage metal lights and furniture with solid forms and bolts reflect the building's character.


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