Blog/An Industrial Style Farmhouse in the Netherlands

The Home of Jellina Detmar in the Netherlands. Black and white kitchen ith lots of wood and plants

The brick wall in the kitchen was an added extra to create the look that Jellina and Jan wanted.


Not everyone who appreciates industrial style is lucky enough to live in a converted industrial building. However, that does not mean that you can’t get the look no matter what kind of home you have.

Jellina Detmar is a Dutch Physiotherapist who also writes an interior blog about her home renovation

Jellina Detmar is a Dutch Physiotherapist who also writes an interiors blog about her home renovation.


Jellina Detmar is a Dutch Physiotherapist and blogger who has built up an impressive following on Instagram due to the images she posts of her industrial style home. Over 200k fans follow Jellina’s account as she documents her journey to renovate the property that she lives in with her husband Jan and their two small children.

Based in the Village of Kollum, near the northern coast of the Netherlands, Jellina and her family had always wanted to live on a farm and were lucky enough to find one that met their needs. They embarked on an ambitious renovation project to practically rebuild the farmhouse entirely, taking on most of the work themselves, in an attempt to bring their own taste and style to the property.  

When talking about their style, Jellina describes it as “industrial, vintage and urban jungle.” She says they love old and second-hand furniture but like to pair this with modern design. “I love our old workbenches, which we have styled in the living room and in the kitchen. These were also bought second hand,” says Jellina.

The house takes its cue from nature incorporating the earthy tones of brown, along with black, white, grey and lots of green. Jellina has also decorated with lots of natural materials including the wooden chests, leather seating, woven baskets and plants.

Jellina and Jan are currently working on the bathroom and bedrooms, but the kitchen and living room is already finished. The living room features exposed brick walls that the couple created to get the look they desired. Large Crittall style doors divide the space but allow the light to filter through uninhibited. Large wooden beams support roof trusses which are used to hang vintage industrial lights an industrial fan and some vintage gym equipment.

You can follow Jellina’s home renovation on Instagram @jellinadetmar

Jelina Detmar's Living room in her Dutch Farmhouse

The high ceilings and large wooden beams in this room allow industrial lighting and vintage gym equipment to be suspended.


Jellina Detmar's Industrial Farmhouse in the Netherlands - Living room

The Crittall style doors that divide the living room from the dining room and kitchen allow the light to flow uninterrupted through the space.


Jellina Detmar's Industrial Style Living Room in the Dutch Farmhouse she has renovated

Second-hand and vintage pieces are used in conjunction with more modern design pieces.


Jellina Detmar's Industrial Style Dutch Farmhouse Home

Industrial finishes used on the walls make a perfect backdrop for Jellina's furniture and belongings.


Jellina Detmar's Industrial Style Farmhouse Home - Kitchen

The natural wood and plants that feature in the kitchen help to soften the strong monochrome colour palette.


Jellina Detmar's Industrial Style Farmhouse Home - Dining Room

The open plan kitchen diner provides the perfect space for entertaining and family meals.


Jellina Detmar's Dutch Farmhouse Home with an Industrial Style - Bedroom

The exposed brick wall in the bedroom creates an industrial style statement behind the bed.


Jellina Detmar's Bedroom in her Industrial Style Farmouse Home in the Netherlands

The bed is placed on a platform made from wooden pallets.


Jellina Detmar's Industrial Style Farmhouse Home - Bathroom

Natural materials, plants and matt black brassware come together in Jellina's bathroom.