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Pair of industrial wood and steel bookends from MoA Design.

Pair of industrial wood and steel bookends, £85, MöA Design


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industrial style coat and hat stand from moa design
Industrial coat and clothes stand, £115,  MöA Design



An idea fashioned around the kitchen table, Ilze and Michael of MöA Design are passionate in their mission to create a unique British brand that reduces waste and preserves heritage timber. Here in this week’s Meet The Designer feature, we discuss the recycled and the reclaimed and take a peek at their latest catalogue of handcrafted industrial style furniture.

How did MöA Design begin? What do you specialise in?

MöA Design started as an idea fashioned around the kitchen table in 2008. The idea was to create a unique British interiors brand that reflected some of our passions, design, reclamation, and the reduction of UK waste. Our design team incorporate simple shapes with raw materials like steel and reclaimed wood, to make handmade products for the home that lacks pretension and yet are visually appealing. We specialise in ‘urban’ and ‘industrial chic’ home decor.

What pieces continue to prove popular with your customers?

Our Industrial collection has expanded over the past couple of years due to its popularity, particularly the bespoke industrial storage and shelving range.

Your contemporary take on industrial storage is always popular with our readers. And we see you have recently launched some newer pieces! Can you tell us a little about these? The coat and clothes stand are some of our favourites. 

This year has been a very exciting here for us with so many new designs and ideas especially focusing on our industrial range. We always aim to create and design products that are practical and elegant and our coat and clothes stand has certainly been our favourite design this year. The clothes stand was a simple design concept with the pairing of a chunky wooden base with a steel pipe ‘t-bar’ to create a piece of industrial glamour.

Industrial style shelving and clothing rail by MoA Design.
Portobello industrial clothes shelf, £155,  MöA Design


“We would describe our style as practical, simple and elegant with just a little industrial swagger.”

Why do you think the industrial style is still so popular with your customers?

I believe that it’s down to the simple combination of two fantastic materials, wood and steel, diametrically opposed and yet they work so well together. Add a pinch of design and a cup of industrial magic and voila.

How would you best describe your aesthetic?

Practical, simple and elegant with just a little industrial swagger.

And finally, what’s next for MöA Design? Is there anything we should know about?

Just over two years ago we moved from London to Devon, it seems that the fresh air and the surrounding natural environment have enabled our creative juices to flow. We feel re-energised and settled once more and as a result, we will continue to design and create new ideas that draw inspiration from our urban upbringing and the countryside that now surrounds us.

a pair of copper pipe coat hooks in industrial style
Copper coat hook, £15, MöA Design


industrial style wall mounted kitchen rail by moa design

Elegant and versatile, use this industrial style rail in the kitchen to hang pots and pans or for towels in the bathroom, £70, MöA Design