Blog/Meet The Designer: J.N. Rusticus

Vintage wooden Glencoe cinema chairs available from J.N. Rusticus

These cinema chairs are a great seating choice for a hallway or open-plan living space. Vintage wooden Glencoe cinema chairs, £250, J.N. Rusticus


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Large industrial style rustic Muntjac cabinet from J.N. Rusticus

Large industrial style rustic Muntjac cabinet, £399, J.N. Rusticus



Choosing vintage industrial style furniture designs is a great way to add character and charm to any interior scheme, whether you live in a warehouse conversion or are simply looking to create an industrial aesthetic in your home. J.N. Rusticus specialises in rustic furniture designs, from unique tables and seating to stylish storage solutions. We sat down with the founder of J.N. Rusticus to learn about the inspiration for their collections. 

Could you please introduce yourself to our readers.

I’m Joe, the founder of J.N. Rusticus. I am 21 and set the business up through a passion for interiors and the rustic look. We've been up and running for just over a year now.

Is there a story behind the name?

We really wanted the name of the brand to encapsulate the style of the furniture we sell and the rustic lifestyle and home that we see our furniture sitting in. The latin for rustic is Rusticus and teamed with my initials, the name was created.

Can you tell us a little more about the materials used in your collections?

The aesthetic of the brand is rustic, industrial and exemplifies cosy living. Lots of reclaimed wood, distressed metal and leather create a warm and inviting feel. All of our products are named after Scottish islands, mountains and highlands or breeds of native deer to fit in with the feel of the brand. It is important to us that we use materials that are reclaimed, recycled and natural wherever possible.


The Industrial Metal Atholl Crank Table from J.N. Rusticus with detail view of crank component

This adjustable crank table is ideal as a side table or dining table in a compact kitchen. Industrial metal Atholl crank table, £320, J.N. Rusticus



“All of our products are named after Scottish islands, mountains and highlands or breeds of native deer to fit in with the feel of the brand.”

Can you tell us about your range of products? What do you specialise in?

We sell a range of furniture from tables and seating, including armchairs, to consoles and cabinets. We have recently created a range of barstools with 9 different seat styles and a choice of finish on the frame which have been very popular. We can also create bespoke, one-off pieces for customers with specific requirements.

Which are some of your most popular designs?

Our most popular item by far is our Acre Leather Bar Stool. It's a simple, timeless piece and has proven to be a classic that our customers love.

Can you tell us about the trade projects you've been involved in?

We have been lucky enough to have been involved with a selection of local and UK-wide trade projects. One of the most exciting was supplying seating for the Sipsmith Gin Distillery in London. We have also supplied furniture to local steakhouses, restaurants, bars and cafes and are always looking for new opportunities.

What else should we know about J.N. Rusticus?

We are in the process of creating our bespoke showroom and offices from shipping containers. It’s a very cool project and we can’t wait to be working from them!

We are also currently working hard to bring new products to the JNR brand. We would love to diversify into soft furnishings, accessories and smaller household items to bring our signature Rusticus charm to all areas of the home. Watch this space!

We would like to thank Joe for taking the time to talk to Warehouse Home. For more information on J.N. Rusticus, visit their website.

Vintage Leather Metal Acre Bar Stool from J.N. Rusticus
Vintage leather metal Acre bar stool, £120, J.N. Rusticus


The Industrial Style Rustic Elk Dining Table and Bench from J.N. Rusticus

A matching table and bench create a rustic dining area. Industrial style rustic Elk dining table, £650, and bench, £325, J.N. Rusticus