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Rustic warehouse wedding venue by Artifact Lighting.

"As a company, we are inspired by both the aesthetic and the underlying principles of industrial design..." - Artifact Lighting


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reeded factory style pendant light from artifact lighting

Classic Prismatic vintage pendant, £75, Artifact Lighting



Functional industrial lighting has transitioned from the factory to the home. Originally designed to cast accurate directional light for workers, salvaged shades now hang above kitchen islands and dining tables. In today’s Meet The Designer installation, we cast a light on Artifact Lighting, experts in the restoration of vintage and industrial lighting.

How did Artifact Lighting begin? What do you specialise in?

Artifact Lighting started life working solely in the art of antique lighting, taking apart and redesigning hundreds of original twentieth-century factory lights. Using this experience, we began to develop original designs inspired by the antiques we had worked on.

Evolving into a company specialising in quality, industrial style lighting, we now offer a range of contemporary pendants and wall lights that demonstrate the unparalleled quality of 20th-century factory lighting while reflecting the evolving trends of interior design.

We hear 80% of your products are made here in the UK. Tell us a little about your manufacturing process?

As a company, we are inspired by both the aesthetic and the underlying principles of industrial design. For us, the industrial style is an inspiring look at our country’s heritage. It comes from a period when England was at the heart of global manufacturing and we aim to preserve a part of that by keeping our production within the UK.

It is not just a decision based on nostalgia, we strive to produce only the highest quality goods and, for us, that can only be achieved by using UK manufacturing. We are currently working with new manufacturers and aim to have 100% of our products produced here by the end of the year.

Impressive warehouse wedding venue styled by Artifact Lighting.

The rich industrial heritage of wedding and events venue, The West Mill makes it an ideal setting for factory-inspired and vintage style pendants.


The West Mill venue in Derby is one of our favourite venues. Tell us a little about the space, and how Artifact Lighting was involved in its transformation.

The West Mill is an incredible building with a rich industrial history, making it the perfect venue for our lights. We were contacted by the founder of the venue while he was working on the restoration and he was looking for vintage style fixtures to complete the space.

Our Classic Prismatic glass pendants now hang in the ceremony room, balancing out the warehouse feel to create a charming, rustic setting for weddings and civil ceremonies. Our Coolicon Pendant Lights in Dark Grey are also used in the dining room for a more minimal, contemporary nod to the history of the premises.

How would you best describe your aesthetic?

Our aesthetic is inspired by the great industrial history of our country. A clean, contemporary take on timeless, factory style lighting, our designs are the perfect blend of heritage and modernity. We aim to create products that work within any interior, from period, farmhouse kitchens to modern, minimalist homes to industrial inspired restaurants and bars.

Why do you think the industrial style is still so popular with your customers?

Above anything else, the appeal of industrial lighting is aesthetics. Factory inspired lighting is so diverse, it can compliment any style of interior, meaning that while trends may change, the simple, functional designs will remain relevant.


Copper coolicon pendant from Artifact Lighting.
Coolicon industrial copper pendant, £85, Artifact Lighting


Impressive warehouse wedding venue styled by Artifact Lighting

Artifact Lighting was invited to supply vintage style lighting and fixtures for this impressive wedding venue in Derby.


What are your tips for lighting a home? What do you find is often overlooked?

Lighting is often an afterthought when people are designing a room, however, it is one of the most important elements to get right as each space has its various functions and requirements.

Consider the three main types of lighting – general, task and accent. Once you have planned which areas need each type of lighting, only then can you consider the actual fixtures and begin to research the appropriate products for each space

What’s next for Artifact Lighting? Is there anything we should know about?

Artifact Lighting will be exhibiting at our first show as part of London Design Festival in September. At designjunction, King’s Cross, we will be launching our new ‘Fusion’ product range, a twist on our current Coolicon collection that combines the Copper Coolicon with our powder coated pendants. 

industrial restaurant interior scheme with factory style pendants from artifact lighting

"Factory inspired lighting is so diverse, it can compliment any style of interior..." Artifact Lighting