Blog/Meet The Designer: 17 Patterns

Nosca Inc of 17 patterns works on wallpaper design development.

Nosca Inc (left) and Paris (right) work on design development and the conversion of hand-painted colour into dynamic patterns.


Process image of acro wallpaper by 17 patterns.

The wallpaper's pattern reflects the patination on weathered metal.



Inspired by the latest trends as well as traditional techniques, we have collaborated with exciting British brand 17 Patterns on designs for the home available exclusively from the Warehouse Home shop.

17 Patterns produce dynamic, distinctive wallpapers through a unique multiple-artist approach. While exploring creative directions with Warehouse Home, 17 Pattern’s innovative founder, designer Nosca Inc, conceived a dramatic new wallpaper inspired by the surface corrosion of metal. Sinuous veins of colour evoke a sense of urban decay, while the use of a rich midnight blue elevates the concept to sophisticated splendour.

Physical processes behind the wallpaper’s design inspired its name Acro-, from Nosca Inc’s personal fear of heights or Acrophobia. 17 Patterns artist Paris painted lines and drips onto a canvas from a great height. Creative collaborator Christina K then applied eroding techniques to this artwork. Finally, the piece was expertly digitally manipulated and transformed in the studio by Nosca Inc.

Photography by Christopher Sims.


Warehouse loft design studio of 17 Patterns

The 17 Patterns studio is based in an old Victorian warehouse.


Acro patinated wallpaper by 17 patterns for warehouse home

Acro- wallpaper by 17 Patterns for Warehouse Home, £160 per 10m roll, Warehouse Home


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