Blog/The Big Re-Veil

This derelict factory dates back to 1945 where it was used for the manufacture of bearings for war machinery during the Chinese Communist Revolution


A lack of internal subdivisions allows visitors to appreciate the factory's scale.  



Re-Veil is a collection of 15 industrial buildings purpose-built for use during the Chinese revolution. Acquired by developers in 2011 the derelict estate was intended for demolition. But in recognising the significant historical and cultural value of these heritage buildings, Hong-Kong based architects, Superimpose successfully fought for its preservation and regeneration. 

Today, the area of Changzhi is best described as a ‘cultural hub’ with the first and largest of the factories becoming the ‘Changzhi City Expo’. It includes an exhibition centre, a government-meeting centre, office spaces, and an auditorium.

Retaining and restoring as much of the original factory elements as possible, only minimal architectural interventions are visible. Notable features of the space include repetitive structural frames and unique, hand-painted signage bearing propaganda slogans such as 'Big Victory'. Outside, the original brick façade is robust yet rhythmic.

With a vision to challenge urbanisation in the fastest growing country in the world, Re-veil has become a benchmark for similar cities currently undergoing planning decisions in areas with cultural heritage.

A celebration of cultural heritage, Superimpose have embraced the original architectural quality of the factories while carefully introducing considered modifications and interventions.

To the rear of the building, a new extension forms the entranceway to the exhibition space.


A private mezzanine was inserted into the double height volume. It hosts working and meeting spaces as well as a library.


The original brick facade is robust yet rhythmic.


Superimpose has successfully embraced the original architectural quality of the factories while respectfully intertwining them with considered modifications and interventions.


Re-Veil is a celebration of cultural heritage.