Blog/Concrete Jungle: The Stamba Hotel

The Stamba Hotel, Tbilisi, successfully takes on the spirit of this former publishing house.


Various atriums, passageways, and courtyards make up this impressive space.



Here, in this former soviet-publishing house sits a surprisingly intimate 150-room hotel. With lively interiors, a popular restaurant, gallery space, and casino, the Stamba Hotel has firmly positioned itself as a cultural hub for tourists and locals alike.

Located in the emerging neighbourhood of Vera, Tbilisi, this 20th-century landmark is well placed in its proximity to the capital’s most sought after boutiques, bars and restaurants. A charming and historic quarter, Vera has long been associated with Bohemians and intellectuals alike.

Notable for its cavernous spaces, the Stamba Hotel retains much of the building’s original features. Salvaged printing paraphernalia, such as the former publisher’s print drying beam, remain.

On the roof, a glass-bottomed swimming pool has been installed allowing dappled, natural light to flow freely and gently into the building. A fluidity which informs the hotel’s design concept. The interior, completed by parent company Adjara's in-house design firm, is described by Design Hotels as "bright and lively; imaginative and industrial in equal measures". Guest rooms are spread out over five floors, with the highest offering private views of Tbilisi. Spacious bedrooms found throughout, feature expansive ceiling heights complemented with exposed brickwork and concrete beams. 

Imagery courtesy of Adjara Group

The five-storey hotel retains much of the building's original features.


The interior can be described as "bright and lively; imaginative and industrial in equal measures.".


Lush foliage softens raw industrial textures.


Cavernous voids and openings flood the space with natural light.


A glass-bottomed swimming pool has been installed on the rooftop.


Communal spaces, such as the lobby feature floor to ceiling shelves filled with reading material.


The Stamba Hotel has firmly positioned itself as a cultural hub for locals and tourists and alike.