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Industrial style bedroom featuring woven leather furniture and metallic furniture pieces from Cuckooland

Made using strips of leather that have been beautifully handwoven, the teak headboard and bench add a rustic feel to this sophisticated industrial bedroom.


The pieces in this industrial style bedroom help to soften the rough and raw aesthetic usually associated with warehouse living. Adding sophisticated metallic accents makes it feel more luxurious and opulent.

Gatsby Birdcage Side Table has an antique gold finish, a striking geometric base and glass tabletop. Available from Cuckooland

The Gatsby Birdcage Side Table from Cuckooland has an antique gold finish, a striking geometric base and a glass tabletop.


This beautiful industrial style bedroom is full of pieces from Cuckooland that fit the Tough Luxe trend. Pairing rustic and raw pieces with more sophisticated luxurious items, this look is a slightly softer take on the traditional industrial interior.

There are no heavy metals in sight. Instead the delicate Gatsby Birdcage tables, with their antique gold finish, striking geometric base and glass tabletop, add a lightness and femininity to the room.

The powder coated steel spindles at the base of the tables allow plenty of light to diffuse through and therefore they take up less visual space in the room.

The delicate metals have been paired with rustic worn leather to create a real contrast of materials. The headboard and bench are made using strips of leather that have been beautifully handwoven to create a stunning effect. The teak wood frame coupled with the woven leather gives these pieces an authentic and rustic feel.

The room here includes a multitude of beautiful tactile textures that can be seen in the natural materials that have been used. From linen, wool, jute, and seagrass, to wood and leather, these materials have been mixed to create a real rustic and raw feel.

The finishing touches for this tough luxe scheme include rugs, layered over one another and plants to bring life into the space.

Tough Luxe sophisticated luxurious industrial style bedroom featuring pieces from Cuckooland

Natural, tactile materials and a monochrome colour palette helps to keep this room bright, airy and soft.


Teak bench manufactured from handwoven genuine leather straps. Available from Cuckooland

The teak and handwoven leather bench is made using strips of leather that have been beautifully handwoven.



Tough Luxe sophisticated industrial bedroom from cuckooland featuring delicate metal, woven leather and natural materials 
1. Gatsby Gold Wall Ladder, £115; 2. Gatsby Birdcage Nest of Tables, £279; 3. Dutchbone Jafar Rug with Diamond Pattern, £199; 4. Teak and Handwoven Leather Headboard, £395; 5. Teak and Handwoven Leather Bench, £249; 6. Gatsby Birdcage Side Table, £179, Cuckooland