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Dutchbone Blue Rusty Metal Cabinet in Warehouse Conversion Setting

The Rusty Cabinet from Dutchbone comes in a distressed colour resembling copper patina.


Industrial style lockers and cabinets are a great way to bring that authentic utilitarian feel into your home. Here we take a look at some of the best options to help you get the look.

Out There Interiors Corinda Large Corrugated Metal Cabinet

Corinda Large Corrugated Metal Cabinet from Out There Interiors.



Adding storage to a converted warehouse home, a loft or an industrial space requires a lot of careful consideration. It's not enough to simply choose something practical or functional. It also has to look the part.

To really fit in with the industrial aesthetic, it's best to choose a storage unit that highlights age, rawness, utilitarianism, and roughness in some way. For the most part this will be through the materials that the piece is made from and the finish.

A great choice would be to opt for an industrial style locker or cabinet. For authenticity choose a metal cabinet, preferably with a distressed finish. This can be a vintage piece that has aged naturally over time or a modern piece that has been designed to resemble a much older counterpart. 

The Rusty Cabinet (above) from Dutchbone is the perfect example of a new locker cabinet in a vintage rendering. Rusty is made from powder coated iron and comes in a distressed colour resembling copper patina. It is the perfect choice for adding an industrial charm to any space.

The sturdy Corinda cabinet seen here (left) is from Out There Interiors and is made from corrugated metal also in a distressed finished. It benefits from three internal shelves making it practical but full of character at the same time. 

Choosing something a little out of the ordinary is a sure fire way to really make a statement. Colour is a simple way to make your storage stand out. 

We've hand-picked a few of our favourite options to help you store your belongings whilst at the same time creating something of an industrial style statement.

So whether you choose something from bygone days that has perhaps been updated for a 21st-century aesthetic and sensibilities or whether you opt for a modern-day interpretation of a style, the end result will be a look and feel that is both sleek and rough around the edges at the same time.

5 industrial style lockers and cabinets for a warehouse home or industrial living space

1. Khaki Green Metal Industrial 12 Compartment Cabinet Grenelle, Masions du Monde; 2. LIXHULT Storage Combination from IKEA; 3. Vintage Lockers from Scaramanga; 4. Metal Locker Style Wardrobe in Black from Cuckooland; 5. Distressed Locker in Green from Out There Interiors.