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Exposed brick wallpaper by Rebel Walls used in a warehouse dining room setting

The Brickwork wallpaper by Rebel Walls gives the illusion of a rough and industrial red brick wall.


When opting to live in a converted industrial building, it is often the huge amounts of open plan space, the high ceilings, the large windows, the cast-iron columns and the exposed brick walls that appeal to the inhabitants. Warehouses and lofts are brimming with character and it’s the original features that most people find attractive.

Top Floor exposed brick wallpaper by Rebel Walls shown in a corner next to a window

Top Floor by Rebel Walls is a two toned wall mural providing the combination of both concrete and exposed bricks for the perfect urban mix.


Converted warehouses have inspired a new design aesthetic that is now being replicated in all kinds of homes. You don’t have to live in an industrial building to enjoy some of the design elements that are found in those homes.

Modern technology is allowing us to recreate that look quite effortlessly and with a budget that won’t break the bank. Exposed brick is probably one of the most attractive elements of converted industrial buildings but also one of the easiest to replicate.

Digital printing now allows for photo-realistic reproductions of materials and surfaces that might be found in former industrial buildings. Here, we would like to show you how to get the look of exposed brickwork by using wallpaper and wall murals instead. Save yourself time, money and effort by adorning your walls with these highly realistic wallcoverings.

Rebel Walls is a Swedish wallpaper company that has a wide range of imitation brickwork wallpapers and wall murals. They range from a simple red brick wall to a wall that is half concrete, half brick.

Murals Wallpaper is another great source of faux brick wallpaper. Their murals capture the faux-brick effects through HD photography and then utilise modern digital printing techniques. The prints can then be hung just like normal wallpaper, and make a stunningly unique impact.

The Textures Collection from Surface View is another great source of inspiration when it comes to creating the exposed brick look in your home.

Exposed brick wallpaper from Murals Wallpaper

The rustic charm of this White Paint Bricks wall mural from Murals Wallpaper shines through the cracked and chipped paint of the brickwork image.


Exposed brick wallpaper from Surface View

The Textures Collection from Surface View features a range of exposed brick wall murals to give that raw, industrial look.


A selection of exposed brick wallpaper for creating that industrial warehouse feel at home 
Far Left. Corporation Street Brick Effect Wallpaper from Woodchip and Magnolia; Top Middle. Grunge Exposed Brick Wallpaper from Galerie Wallcoverings; Top Right. Sandstone Brick Wall from the Textures Collection at Surface View; Bottom Middle. Limestone Brickwork White Wallpaper from the Textures Collection at Surface View; Bottom Right. Corporation Street Brick Effect Wallpaper from Woodchip and Magnolia.