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Vintage Matters Pop Up At West Elm!

Posted on Feb 23, 2017 by

Should you find yourself in central London this weekend be sure to schedule in a visit to our friends and sourcing specialists, Vintage Matters at their third – and of course highly anticipated – West Elm Pop Up!

Vintage Matters online emporium founders Paul Cody and Tom Edington

Vintage Matters online emporium was founded by merchandising specialist Paul Cody and interior architect Tom Edington
Image courtesy of Vintage Matters

Self confessed typography, architecture and homeware enthusiasts, Paul and Tom of online emporium Vintage Matters curate furnishings and accessories collections with an interesting mix of the salvaged and new, providing unique pockets of inspiration for the home, office, restaurant and retailer.

Add dimension with the luxurious bronze Transmission candleholders and gold or silver cutlery

A selection of pieces sourced by Vintage Matters feature on the front cover of Warehouse Home Issue Five
Photography by Oliver Perrott | Styling by Hannah Franklin

Presenting a unique and eclectic mix of vintage pieces, reclaimed letters and lighting, we’re certain you’ll find something special! Find us on Instagram or Twitter and share what you’ve picked up!

*Thumbnail image via Vintage Matters Instagram

Forest Green upholstery proves a smart contrast to raw brick and timber

An American fire extinguisher, made from highly polished solid copper and sourced by Vintage Matters features in our styled reading corner 
Photography by Oliver Perrott | Styling by Hannah Franklin

Find more vintage and industrial inspiration on our dedicated Pinterest board!

Read Warehouse Home Issue Five here! The latest issue of the internationally renowned Warehouse Home magazine is live online and can be enjoyed in full and entirely free. Read Warehouse Home Issue Five by clicking here or view in the reader below.

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