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Posted on Aug 29, 2015 by

Transport for London (TfL) have announced a series of events and collaborations throughout this year’s London Design Festival, taking place 19-27th September.

The iconic designs of TfL are to be celebrated this year within The Wooden Underground Station. The station, completely hand-drawn by scupltor and illustrator Camilla Bernard, is a life-size wooden station, complete with platform, barriers and even a ticket hall. The space will showcase TfL’s most recent licensed collections from celebrated contemporary brands and designers, including Swoon Editions, Blue Marmalade, Mini Moderns and Alice Made This, and the display will comprise a range of products, from furniture and tableware to cushions and cufflinks.

TfL's PICK restaurant and Wooden Station

TFL with the East London Liquor Company will be hosting the PICK restaurant and pop-up wooden tube station installation by Camilla Barnard
Images courtesy of

Next stop on the journey is the PICK Restaurant & Bar – named after Frank Pick, father of TfL’s design ethos. The very British pop-up, in collaboration with East London Liquour Company, will offer a traditional menu with a modern twist, including hearty favourites and bespoke rum and gin cocktails. Not only does the menu fit the bill, but the restaurant’s design was conceived by Michael Sodeau. Decorative details will include enamel tables designed by AJ Wells, Formica tabletops by Lindsey Lang, lighting by Blue Marmalade and fabric designs by Michelle Mason for Swoon Editions.

TfL and PICK Restaurant & Bar at Designjunction 2015

PICK Restaurant & Bar from the East London Liquor Company, styled by Designjunction’s Michael Sodeau
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Regular Warehouse Home readers will know that we often reference and celebrate transportation in the designs we feature. Warehouse Home Issue Two featured these charming London Underground tiles by Fired Earth.

The tiles are made by the same english works that produced the originals, at the World Heritage site in Ironbridge, Shropshire. They’re crafted using the old moulds and employ the traditional typeface found in the station passageways. The smart black and white typographic signs are ideal for a monochrome bathroom (although they would look just as smart in a contemporary kitchen too). Choose from four famous and familiar phrases, including this eye-catching ‘Way Out’ signage, or commission a bespoke design to suite your space. We’re definitely on board with these designs.

Fired Earth have taken famous phrases from the Underground to create signage style wall tiles

Fired Earth have taken famous phrases from the Underground and reproduced them in the form of wall tiles for either the kitchen or bathroom
Images courtesy of

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