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Steampunk Design Inspiration From Truth

Posted on Apr 2, 2015 by

A compelling mix of fantasy and Victorian industry transports those who enter Truth Coffee Roasters to an entirely different era. The Cape Town espresso bar is a visual feast, heavily influenced by a distinctive steampunk style and references to steam powered technology. Taking pride of place at Truth Coffee Roasters is a 1940s cast iron roaster, which the team have dubbed “Colossus.” The idea behind the concept resonates this backdrop of machinery, and also with founder David Donde’s “maverick inventor” personality. As for the incredible building, it is a turn-of-the-century warehouse which has retained its original cast iron pillars and displays an aged patina throughout. Today, its complemented by raw steel, timber and brass finishes.

With the exception of the authentic vintage fixtures, all of the furniture was specifically designed for Truth Coffee by Haldane Martin and his interior design team. The aim was to reflect the heritage of the building, while at the same time creating a unique contemporary environment for coffee lovers.

Steampunk Design Inspiration | Industrial Vintage Decor | Truth Coffee Roasters Cape Town

Truth has a striking colour palette of scarlet piping, metallic silvers and olive greens.
Image courtesy of and

The principal dining area features steel framed tables with beautiful copper tabletops, with leather chairs that invite you to stick around for another espresso. Meanwhile, at the bar, rich red leather barstools reflect the red steel piping above. We just love the contrast between the glimmering industrial metals and the smart accent colours.

Steampunk Design Inspiration | Industrial Vintage Pendant Lights | Truth Coffee Roasters Cape Town

Inspired details, such as these hanging bell pendant lights, really bring the steampunk aesthetic to life
Image courtesy of truth and

Bell-shaped rise-and-fall pendant lights look beautiful above the bar. Don’t you just want to pull up one of those bar stools and place your order?

Steampunk Design Inspiration | Factory Stools And Raw Industrial Ceiling | Truth Coffee Roasters Cape Town

The raw ceiling with hanging bulbs is contrasted with factory-style swivel stools
Image courtesy of and

The long communal table with swing out stools is crafted from industrial pipe castings and reclaimed pine wood. Meanwhile, pendant bulbs hanging from the ceiling are intermixed with power cables for patrons to charge their phones – an ingenious idea we hope to see brought to the UK!

Another of our favourite features? The cog-toothed tabletops! And of course you can never go wrong with a classic Tolix chair.

Steampunk Design Inspiration | Holix Stools and Industrial Steel Piping | Truth Coffee Roasters Cape Town

Steel cog tables and iconic stools are contrasted with vivid red steel piping
Image courtesy of and

Steampunk Design Inspiration | Tin Tiles and Industrial Decor | Truth Coffee Roasters Cape Town

Perforated metal and tin tiling: Welcome to Truth Coffee Roasters
Image courtesy of and

If you want to incorporate the steampunk look in your own home but don’t know where to begin, here are some great ways to channel the trend!

You might remember Bad Dog Designs. We featured this ingenious ‘Gemini in Tempore’ clock here on the blog recently and we continue to marvel at designer Paul’s remarkable vintage Nixie tube timepieces. Take a look at his website for details on commissioning your own bespoke clock.

‘Gemini in Tempore’ Nixie Clock, Bad Dog Designs

Steampunk Design Ideas | Industrial Vintage Nixie Tube Clock | Gemini In Tempore | Bad Dog Designs

‘Gemini in Tempore’ Nixie tube clock, Bad Dog Designs
Image courtesy of

For another truly unique statement, Tony Miles crafts bespoke furniture and lighting from industrial steel tubing. Vintage-style filament light bulbs add an extra decorative impact. Look at this unusual side table!

Industrial Spider Table Light, £540, Tony Miles Designs

Steampunk Design Inspiration | Industrial Steel Piping and Vintage Filament Lighting Furniture | Spider Table Light |Tony Miles Designs

Industrial Spider Table Light, Tony Miles Designs
Image courtesy of

We love these quirky machinist factory stools from Vincent and Barn. They were inspired by the Victorian era and will add that touch of steampunk / industrial chic to any home.

Industrial Factory Stool, £75, Vincent and Barn

Steampunk Design Inspiration | Industrial Vintage Home Decor | Factory Stool | Vincent and Barn

Industrial Factory Stool, Vincent and Barn
Image courtesy of

Original Tolix stools are a French design classic and perfect for a warehouse conversion of loft apartment. These pillarbox red Tolix stools from Peppermill Antiques will bring a brilliant splash of colour to your breakfast bar.

Tolix Stackable Bar Stool in Red, £45, Peppermill Antiques 

Steampunk Design Inspiration | Vintage Industrial Red Tolix Stools | Peppermill Antiques

Red Tolix Stools, Peppermill Antiques
Image courtesy of

Finally, this tin wallpaper from Rockett St George is a fantastic way to evoke a heritage industrial look, even if you live in a newer build! Take a look at the Rockett St George website for various patina-tinted shades.

Brooklyn Tin Tiles Wallpaper, £219 per roll, Rockett St George 

Steampunk Design Inspiration | Brooklyn Tin Tile Wallpaper | Rockett St George | Industrial Home Decor

Brooklyn Tin Tiles, Rockett St George
Image courtesy of

So, what do you think of Truth Coffee Roasters and its distinctive steampunk style? Take a look at our curated Pinterest and Polyvore boards for more design inspiration!

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