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New Design Britain: Our Shortlist

Posted on May 8, 2015 by

For the last 12 years, New Design Britain has shone a spotlight on emerging British talent. As a regular fixture of the annual May Design Series event, New Design Britain shortlists 30 finalists who pioneer innovation. And it’s a shortlist that always generates plenty of excitement, providing a captivating insight into future trends.

This year, May Design Series have announced the return and permanent fixture of the New Design Britain ‘Alumni Collective’, which will profile previous finalists and celebrate their career success so far. And the Alumni will have the opportunity to review the next generation of design talent, handing the Alumni’s Choice Award to one promising finalist from this year’s New Design Britain. Keeping up-to-date with the latest technology, 2015 sees the introduction of 3D printed finalist trophies. And an expert panel of judges includes such respects names as Dan Ziglam (Director of design studio Deadgood) and BIID president Daniel Hopwood.

We are so excited by the wealth of talent lined up for New Design Britain this year. The 30 finalists have been shortlisted across 6 different categories – furniture, accessories, architecture, surface design, interior design and fabrics – and all will be showcasing their latest work at May Design Series, 17th- 19th of May. We’ve selected a few who caught our attention and whose work demonstrates the variety of creative ideas and techniques running across the program.

Lucca Vases Joseph Kennedy New Design Britain Accessories Finalist

Lucca Vases, Joseph Kennedy
Image courtesy of

Joseph Kennedy’s entry piece, the Lucca Vases, are crafted from Carrara marble and inspired by a recent trip to Italy. We love Joseph’s use of graphic shapes, the solid forms of the vases modelled on urban architecture. We certainly recommend taking a look at his other contemporary accessories and furniture designs at

Concrete Surfaces Olly Mason | New Design Britain 2015 surface finalist

Concrete Surfaces, Olly Mason
Image courtesy of

Olly Mason’s concrete surfaces for interiors are right up our street! Her experiments have given the tough material a softer, almost fabric-like appearance. With fluid forms and colourful threads transforming the industrial materials into a beautiful art feature. We love the contrast between the turquoise and concrete above, but take a minute to explore the rest of Olly’s recent work at

Monochromatic Modifications, Hannah Lois Sangwin | New Design Britain 2015 print finalist

Monochromatic Modifications, Hannah Lois Sangwin
Image courtesy of

Hannah Lois Sangwin’s striking New Design Britain entry, Monochromatic Modifications, comprises hand-drawn geometric prints inspired by urban surroundings. Hannah’s quirky designs reject mass-production in favour of natural artistry, the black and white drawings feeling fresh and modern. Find more of her work here:

So, which of these finalists would get your vote? Tweet us your thoughts, and keep an eye out for further May Design coverage on in the lead up to the event.

Warehouse Home is a media partner for May Design Series – so we also look forward to seeing many of you there! The second issue of Warehouse Home will go to print shortly. But in the meantime, you can enjoy our launch issue in full here or by clicking in the reader below.

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