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Posted on Mar 3, 2014 by

Type is tucked away down Sclater Street in London’s Shoreditch, just a stone’s throw from the trendy BOXPARK pop up mall. Slightly hidden away, it’s is a destination for those “in the know” – and we’re keen to share the details with you all. Dotted throughout this delightful design den, you’ll find vintage typewriters neighbouring hand-printed artworks and fantastic bespoke items of furniture, customised pieces and reworked goods. A wonderful eclectic and eccentric collection.

This colourful conversion of a vintage industrial wooden workbench caught our eyes, its wooden worktop inlaid with a fluorescent perspex panel and complemented by brightly coloured perspex vice plates and casters. Sadly, it’s already been snapped up by a homeowner with a keen eye for design – but keep your eye on the Type site for other amazing designs.

Workbench conversion. For similar unique designs visit Type

Type East bespoke vintage industrial workbench conversion

Workbench conversion, Type East
Image courtesy of

We also spotted this sleek industrial steel shelving unit, which can be created bespoke to fit your space.

Steel shelving, from £995, Type

industrial steel shelving Type East Shoreditch

Steel shelving, Type East
Image courtesy of

And we loved this charming desk or table lamp, which has given new life and purpose to a vintage gt bellow camera.

Gt bellow camera light conversion, £195, Type

gt bellow camera light conversion Type East Shoreditch

Gt bellow camera light conversion, Type East
Image courtesy of

This particular typewriter, a vintage Imperial, is no longer available but Type stock a wonderful selection of other antique and period typewriters. Restoring and repairing typewriters runs in the owners’ family – hence the name of course – and it’s a tradition they’re keen to continue. In fact, you can commission Type to hand-type a letter to a friend or loved one, something which will make lovely gift.

Imperial typewriter, Sold, Type

Imperial typewriter Type East Shoreditch

Imperial typewriter, Type East Shoreditch
Image courtesy of

If you enjoyed our feature on Type in London’s Shoreditch, then be sure to pop in and experience the shop for yourself! You might also like to visit our Vintage section or head over to Pinterest where we’ve collated some gorgeous images for you!

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