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Interior Design Trend: Plywood Furniture

Posted on Aug 5, 2015 by

In the current issue of Warehouse Home, we explore plywood as a key interiors trend for 2015.

Plywood might look light as a feather, but make no mistake – this light-hued wood hides a distinctive strength and durability. Its warmth, texture and sustainability have also made plywood a firm favourite with designers.

Iconic plywood designs, such as Penguin Donkey, have been in production for 70 years.

Plywood has enjoyed seven decades of design, with the plywood classics still as popular today as ever before

Plywood has enjoyed seven decades of design! See Warehouse Home Issue 2, Page 14

But while these classic plywood designs remain popular, several contemporary pieces also promise to become collectables. For a playful take on ply this summer, we suggest picking creations with a fun pop of primary colour. But that said, au natural or with a colourful twist, there’s no question veneer will go far.

Plywood may look as light as a feather, but it is surprisingly strong and durable, making it an exciting material for designers

Plywood is surprisingly strong and durable, making it an exciting material for designers! See Warehouse Home Issue 2, Page 14

Husband and wife team Steve and Eliza launched their Brighton-based design company in 2011. Catching up with Baines&Fricker at Clerkenwell Design Week in May, we found plenty to admire in their latest collection of plywood furniture. The simple form of the SB01-1 chair was inspired by a silhouette in a poster for a 1935 Zurich exhibition, “Der Stuhl” (The Chair). It’s accompanied by an inviting bench and a selection of stools and tables, all made exclusively from plywood and with the addition of vibrant primary colours.

SB01-1 Chair, from £280, Baines&Fricker

The SB01-1 chair by Baines & Fricker

SB01-1 chair, Baines & Fricker

Inspired by the plywood trend, we featured a range of plywood products in our debut design collection. The pieces were created in collaboration with British designers Factory Twenty One, ByALEX and Kreisdesign and they are exclusive to the Warehouse Home e-shop!

Plywood products available in the Capsule Collection by Warehouse Home

Stylish modern plywood designs are a key part of our Capsule Collection

Explore the entire Capsule Collection here.

To enjoy Warehouse Home Issue Two in full click here or in the reader below.

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