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2016 Round Up: 5 Popular Design Posts

Posted on Jan 28, 2017 by

When easing oneself into the excitement of near year ahead we find it’s always best to reflect on the year that was and what better way to do that than with a round up of our most popular posts on for 2016!

Warehouse Wedding Inspiration

We talk to First Option, a wedding venue specialist set up in the heart of Shoreditch. Feeling a little loved up and misty eyed we couldn’t resist temptation, sharing a few of our tips for channeling an industrial chic touch at a wedding or party!

White Wedding Design Inspiration | Industrial Glass Factory Knockdown Centre | New York | 7 Incredible Warehouse Wedding Venues

A simple colour palette really highlights the beautiful features of this old glass factory
Image rights, via

5 WOW Factor Wallpaper Ideas

If you live in a warehouse conversion or loft apartment and want to complement these features – or if you simply want to channel that industrial style in a modern home, there’s an exciting array of contemporary wallpapers and wall murals available to create a instant impact. Here we share 5 of our favourite examples.

pinterest wallpaper steampunk vintage and industrial

Steampunk wallpaper exudes vintage and industrial charm.
Image via

Dream Warehouses: The Jewellery Quarter

Steeped in industrial history, we peek through the keyhole of some of the most desirable warehouse conversions in Birmingham’s prestigious Jewellery Quarter; an area which after many years of decline has been transformed into a vibrant, creative hub for young businesses and professionals. 

Dream Warehouse Conversion | New York-Style Loft Apartment | The Jewellery Quarter Birmingham | Rightmove Property Search

This New York-style loft apartment in the heart of Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter is a contemporary and stylish warehouse conversion
Image via

La Soupe Populaire Restaurant in Berlin

Located in the studio house at the former Bötzow brewery in Berlin, La Soupe Populaire (The Soup Kitchen) is a remarkable industrial style destination; a world of concrete and metal transformed into an inspiring eatery with an exciting menu.

Original metal floor grating and railings are still intact.

Original metal floor grating and railings are still intact.
Image via Pinterest

6 Incredible Warehouse Wedding Venues

Ok we heard you! you all really enjoy wedding inspiration! Warehouse wedding inspiration to be exact. With a little help from Pinterest, we’ve compiled 6 unique industrial wedding venues to inspire, with decor ranging from vintage and eclectic to urban and industrial. Your welcome!

Industrial Warehouse Wedding Venue | Bare Hanging Bulbs and Original Features | Pinterest Photography

Hanging bare bulbs really lighten the mood of this fairytale venue
Image via

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