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New LED Bulbs From Buster + Punch

Posted on Mar 28, 2015 by

Buster + Punch have a rockstar mentality and an innovative approach to design. When the East London-based brand first established themselves, creating luxurious hardware with tough materials, they had a challenge. How could they produce vintage-style filament bulbs that look amazing without draining energy and negatively impacting the environment? In a more eco-conscious climate, lighting brands are attempting to make the leap from incandescent towards an energy saving design that retains the iconic look of the decorative Edison bulb. After some 4 years of research, Buster + Punch have just hit the nail on the head with their new Buster Bulb, the world’s first designer LED.

LED Designer Buster Bulbs | Buster and Punch | Industrial Vintage Style Lighting

Trio of LED Buster Bulbs, Buster & Punch
Image courtesy of

These bulbs are a glowing model of energy efficient design, which consume only 5% of the energy of traditional bulbs yet have a five year lifespan. The 3 watt dimmable LED is encased within a teardrop-shaped glass shell, finished with Buster + Punch patented resin. The Buster Bulb creates a unique lampshade effect, casting both an ambient glow and focused spotlight at the same time, and is available in three finishes. Warm gold, smoked grey or bright crystal- which is your favourite? And which pendant will you team it with – rose copper, smoked bronze or steel?

Buster Bulb in Crystal, £39.99, Buster + Punch

A Designer Bulb from Buster and Punch | LED Buster Bulb in Crystal | Finished With Rose Copper Pendant | Industrial Lighting

LED Crystal Buster Bulb with Rose Copper Pendant, Buster & Punch
Image courtesy of buster

Buster Bulb in Gold, £39.99, Buster + Punch

A Designer Bulb from Buster and Punch | LED Buster Bulb in Gold | Finished With Smoked Bronze Pendant | Industrial Lighting

LED Gold Buster Bulb with Smoked Bronze Pendant, Buster + Punch
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Buster Bulb in Smoked Glass, £39.99, Buster + Punch

A Designer Bulb from Buster and Punch | LED Buster Bulb in Smoked Grey | Finished With Steel Pendant | Industrial Lighting

LED Smoked Grey Buster Bulb with Steel Pendant, Buster + Punch
Image courtesy of

‘We all feel a massive sense of pride, not just because we managed to build what we think is a great looking piece of design, but because this simple light bulb might just help the everyman save a little bit of money and help the environment at the same time. It could only be a small shift but hopefully we can finally get people looking at eco-efficient design in a different light.’ 
Massimo Minale, designer & founder of Buster + Punch.

What do you think of these fab designer bulbs from Buster + Punch? If you haven’t already seen Buster + Punch featured in Warehouse Home, take a look! And we’ve got plenty more ingenious lighting in the archives and on Pinterest!

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