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Posted on Dec 7, 2013 by

Every piece from Aditi Studios is designed, hand-sculpted, decorated and assembled by artist Robert Wheeldon using traditional methods. Wheeldon always wanted to create unique hand-crafted lighting that was produced in an environmentally friendly manner, so his carefully considered sustainable production process involves using natural products and keeping oil-based materials to a minimum. The Flying Scotsman is a classically shaped downlighter, directly inspired by the industrial style lighting seen across the British railway network (hence the light’s name, evoking the Golden Age of Travel). At 44cm by 44cm, this is a large downlighter and it will make an impressive statement in any room. Hand sculpted in the traditional fashion in ceramic it has a reassuring solidity and weight.  Inside, the shade has subtle rivulets and the white zircon coating has been polished to a glossiness that reflects a warm light. The Flying Scotsman is available in a variety of finishes but we love this delicate vintage floral pattern; it contrasts surprisingly and beautifully with the overall industrial style of the light.

Flying Scotsman, £570, Aditi Studios

Flying Scotsman large downlighter with blue floral decoration, Aditi Studios

Flying Scotsman, Aditi Studios
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Flying Scotsman large downlighter with pink floral decoration, Aditi Studios

The Flying Scotsman downlighter is also available with a pretty pink floral decoration that would look charming in a bedroom or perhaps a bathroom.
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