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Waterloo Warehouse Conversion, Liverpool

Posted on Mar 6, 2015 by

Warehouse hunting this week, we’ve turned our attention to a recent development in the heart of the Liverpool Docklands. Waterloo Road has seen a large area of Grade II listed warehouse space, dating back to 1868, converted into highly sought-after apartments overlooking the waterfront.

Originally three blocks of corn warehouses, they were the first in the world to handle bulk grain entirely by central power source. The north block was destroyed in the May Blitz in 1941, and the west demolished in 1969. What remains is a Liverpool landmark, built from brick with iron framed windows and an exterior that has barely changed.

Many of the building’s original features have been protected, with properties offering spacious, open-plan rooms and exposed brickwork. The area is steeped in history, with the historic Bonded Tea Warehouse and the Hydraulic Pumping Station just a stone’s throw away.

converted waterloo warehouse liverpool riverside apartment dream house

Exterior of Waterloo Warehouse, Liverpool
Image courtesy of en.wikipedia via Pinterest

The exposed brickwork vaulted ceilings give this 2 bedroom apartment in Waterloo Warehouse real wow-factor. And we love the unusual porthole style windows that seem to appear in every room. With so much character and style in one home, we’re seriously considering a move

2 bedroom apartment in Waterloo Warehouse, Liverpool, £210,00, Rightmove

Dream warehouse conversion waterloo road liverpool exposed brick ceilings modern apartment

2 bedroom apartment, Waterloo Warehouse, Liverpool
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waterloo warehouse conversion liverpool right move property hunt dream house

Unusual port hole windows are carried through each room
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dream warehouse conversion waterloo warehouse liverpool brick ceiling bedroom

Floor-to-ceiling exposed brickwork and unusual windows enhance the unique appeal of this warehouse home
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