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Sophie Bush, Founder of Warehouse Home Magazine, Interior Design Studio and Property Agency

Sophie Bush, Founder of Warehouse Home Magazine, Interior Design Studio and Property Agency.


Warehouse Home has partnered with Bisque, the acclaimed British manufacturer of contemporary designer heating, to create a series of videos demonstrating how you can easily achieve an industrial aesthetic, in any home, using different radiators from their collection.

The Arteplano acid etched copper radiator from Bisque Radiators on an exposed brick wall in a converted warehouse home

The Arteplano acid etched copper radiator from Bisque.


Hosted by Warehouse Home founder Sophie Bush, the four-part video series covers a number of Bisque’s innovative radiators. Sophie addresses shapes and finishes, as well as wall and floor mounted solutions that can be selected for a warehouse look. She looks at designs to specifically suit bathrooms, open-plan spaces and also radiators that are works of art in themselves.

This is a really interesting topic for Warehouse Home readers. A proportion of our readers obviously live in genuine industrial conversions, but there is also a large percentage of our audience that don’t. They read the magazine because they like elements of the industrial style, which is incredibly versatile and can be interpreted in a number of different ways, and they want to introduce those elements into their own home.

When working with new clients on their home renovation projects, our interior design team usually starts by exploring a few key themes that are integral to the success of the project. Lighting is one of those themes, but the scale of the space is also an extremely important issue especially when it comes to the question of heating.

Heating is a universal challenge for any homeowner but when it comes to industrial conversions where the space often involves open plan areas, high ceilings, mezzanine levels, and original windows, the question of heating the space efficiently can be infinitely more challenging.




"It's surprising how often people don't consider radiator design when renovating or redecorating, but so often they can actually be the ideal finishing touch for a project."

Ensuring that a space is heated efficiently is not the only consideration when it comes to choosing radiators. The style considerations are also worth bearing in mind. Sophie is often surprised by how little consideration is given to radiator design when people are renovating or redecorating their homes. In many cases, the radiators are the very thing that really finishes off a completed project.

The Osbourne ball jointed towel rail from Bisque Radiators

The Osbourne ball jointed towel rail from Bisque Radiators.


This is exactly where Bisque’s expertise lies. Bisque launched in 1979 and was the UK’s first ever designer heating brand. It took the humble radiator from being a technical plumbing item and transformed it into a desirable design product in its own right.

Bisque’s slogan is ‘beautiful radiators for stylish interiors’ and they offer radiators to complement and enhance any interior, be it traditional, contemporary, industrial or anywhere in-between.

One of the options that really stood out to us here at Warehouse Home is the Osbourne, a distinguished, ball jointed towel rail which is new for 2019. It’s a great choice for traditional bathrooms and comes in a variety of finishes including polished brass and antique bronze.


The Flow Form floor-mounted spiral radiator from Bisque

Designed for use with full height glazing, the Flow Form looks amazing in industrial interiors.


The Flow Form is another great choice for achieving that industrial look. Inspired by an industrial heating element, Flow Form’s spiral fin was designed for technical efficiency – it increases the surface area of the radiator and allows hot air to rise through the gills, thereby maximising the heat output. It is designed to be floor mounted so it requires no wall space and can even be used in front of floor to ceiling windows. The matt black finish is particularly striking and works well in a variety of interior styles.

The Classic is an old-school style radiator from Bisque

The Classic is an old-school radiator with enduring appeal. It is seen here in a lacquered bare metal finish.


The Classic is an old school style radiator with enduring appeal. It is available in thirty-eight stock sizes and a vast range of bespoke size options and can be colour matched to popular paint ranges such as Farrow & Ball and Little Greene. We particularly like the lacquered bare metal version because you can see all the manufacturing marks from where it has been precision laser welded. The Classic can also be floor mounted if wall space is an issue.


It’s important to remember not to limit yourself to horizontal radiator options. Vertical radiators can be a really good option, particularly if wall space is limited. So make sure you explore the full collection when looking for a solution.

The Finn is a radiator withclean lines, crisp elegance and classic form from Bisque

The Finn is a popular choice with architects and designers, who like its clean lines and crisp elegance.


The Finn radiator can be installed vertically and is a favourite among designers and architects due to its clean lines, crisp elegance and classic form but with a contemporary twist. It is available in over 800 bespoke sizes and over 50 colours including a range of metallic finishes.

The Arteplano acid etched copper radiator from Bisque

The acid etched markings on the Arteplano make each radiator unique.


Finally, a radiator that is a work of art and really delivers the wow factor is the Arteplano model in acid etched copper or brass. Because of the process used, each model is totally unique and allows you to have a completely exclusive design. This isn’t a purely functional and practical radiator. This is a style statement.

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