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Warehouse Home Issue Four

Posted on Jun 23, 2016 by

Warehouse Home Issue Four interior design magazine front cover. Photography by Oliver Perrott. Styling by Hannah Franklin.

Warehouse Home Issue Four
Photography by Oliver Perrott | Styling by Hannah Franklin

Warehouse Home Issue Four is out now! We’re delighted to share Warehouse Home Issue Four, which is live online – in full and free. Enjoy Warehouse Home Issue Four by clicking here or viewing in the reader below.

Recent years have witnessed the widespread decline of traditional industries, and with them the iconic factories and warehouses that once sustained and stored their outputs. But these brick-built bastions of productivity continue to intrigue and inspire. Today, many are being claimed and converted by different communities, giving them new life and purpose. Photographer Debbie Bragg takes us behind the scenes of one of London’s first factory conversions (pages 4-5), while Christopher Payne has captured the colourful contrasts of New England’s last surviving mills (pages 6-7). And on both sides of the Atlantic, expansive factory spaces are being renovated for collaborative working (pages 36-37).

Warehouse Home Issue Four magazine features co-working factory conversion spaces in New York and London

Warehouse Home Issue Four features two amazing co-working spaces in industrial conversions: Paper Mill Studios, London & COWORKRS, New York

This magazine was first inspired by, and produced in, a warehouse conversion. And, as in every instalment of Warehouse Home, Issue Four proves the rising appeal of warehouse living and working. But this edition is also a specific celebration of materials and of the talented designer-makers and brands around the world that are upholding and reviving traditional crafts and techniques. Textiles (pages 8-9), woods (12-13) and rattans (14), resins and stone (16-17), from the finely woven to the carefully carved; industrial features are complemented by a combination of different textures. It is fitting that paper is also one of the materials we celebrate in this issue: from delicate and distinctive recycled designs (pages 10-11), to folded paper and origami inspired details (pages 22-23). So many of you write to share your appreciation of our print publication.

In Warehouse Home Issue Four, we create a contemporary minimalist bedroom scheme featuring origami and pleated paper details.

In Warehouse Home Issue Four, we create a contemporary minimalist bedroom scheme featuring origami and pleated paper details.
Photography by Oliver Perrot | Styling by Hannah Franklin

Warehouse Home is also available in full online, on all major mobile devices, and has been read in over 60 countries worldwide. Welcome to Warehouse Home Issue Four. I hope you enjoy every feature! Don’t forget to stay up to date with the conversation on Twitter and Instagram by sharing and following #WarehouseHomeIssueFour

(Sophie Bush, Founder & Editor, Warehouse Home)


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