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Vintage Art Furniture From Reclectic

Posted on Mar 18, 2015 by

Upcycling experts Reclectic salvage vintage furniture and use modern techniques to turn old pieces into artworks. The process involves taking a historic artwork or pattern, breaking it up into thousands of pixelated squares, and then hand-spraying the design onto furniture for a bespoke product. As Reclectic put it, their concept is “a dash of rocket science combined with good old fashioned handcraft.”

For their new Heritage Collection, Reclectic were inspired by the classic style of English textile designer William Morris. The hero piece of the collection, an upcycled vintage workbench, was paired with Morris’ iconic ‘Lodden Furnishing Fabric’. Hailing from the late 19th century, the industrial-style workbench only slightly outdates the pattern, which was designed by William Morris in 1883. We love the contrast between the soft and feminine floral pattern and the sturdy frame of the industrial bench, which retains its original iron vice and worn surface.

Vintage Work Bench, £1,890, Reclectic

vintage work bench upcycled with william morris pixel design reclectic art furniture

Vintage Work Bench, Reclectic
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vintage iron vise work bench william morris design reclectic art furniture

The workbench retains its original vintage iron vice and handsprayed design
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reclectic vintage hand sprayed work bench in william morris classic print 1883

Lodden Furnishing Fabric Design, William Morris 1883
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We also spotted this 1940s wooden toolbox, which features an original leather handle and internal storage drawers. Once again, Reclectic have transformed the vintage piece using the Lodden furnishing fabric design for the exterior. But this time the piece has been hand-sprayed in copper for a striking statement against the dark wood. We think the re-imagined toolbox would look beautiful as a coffee table.

1940s Wooden Toolbox, £225, Reclectic 

1940s vintage tool box coffee table hand sprayed by reclectic art furniture

1940s Wooden Toolbox, Reclectic
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1940s vintage wooden tool box storage interior reclectic art furniture

The wooden toolbox still features its original leather handle and hand-crafted interior storage
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What do you think of this upcycled vintage art furniture? There are some lovely other pieces on the Reclectic website.  And if you’re looking for further upcycling inspiration, come and join us on Pinterest! 

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